Wednesday, November 16, 2016

President Obama's Trip To Greece Triggers Riots

Barack Obama was shown around the Acropolis in Athens today by Eleni Banou (left) an antiquities expert from the Greek Culture Ministry, on his last trip abroad as US President. Later he will travel to Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe

Daily Mail: 'The only way forward is democracy... even though you don't always win!' Obama tries to look on the bright side in the wake of Trump's election victory as he gives a speech in the birthplace of democracy

* Barack Obama is on his last ever foreign trip as US President - visiting Greece and Germany later in the week
* He was given a tour of the Acropolis, which has sat on a hilltop above Athens since the fifth century BC
* The Acropolis complex includes the Parthenon, the Erechtheum and several ancient temples to Athena
* During press conference Obama said Donald Trump's victory was a reaction against economic uncertainty
* He then gave a speech in the birthplace of democracy about the importance of accepting 'people power'
* Obama said: 'People should be free to choose their own leaders – even if your candidate doesn't always win'

President Barack Obama, speaking in the birthplace of democracy, has talked of the importance of respecting the choice of the people only days after the election of Donald Trump and said, 'The future will be OK'.

The audience in the Greek capital, Athens, laughed when the outgoing president said: 'People should be free to choose their own leaders – even if your candidate doesn't always win.'

But he was making a serious point and added: 'Progress follows a winding path, sometimes forwards sometimes back, but as long as we retain our faith in democracy, our faith in the people, then our future will be OK.'

He admitted he and the President-Elect 'could not be more different' but he assured Americans he would work with Trump's team in the coming weeks to ensure a smooth handover of power, adding: 'That's how democracy has to work.'

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WNU Editor:I am sure he is seeing this in the distance .... Barack Obama’s visit to Greece triggers riots as anarchists try to breach cordon around U.S. embassy (AP).


Young Communist said...

A democracy when only who have a great mass of money has the chance to win. And parties like only electoral committee. Ok...

Aizino Smith said...

The U.S. is a Republic not a direct Democracy.

The electoral college came about in 1788. It was not in the 1st experiment the Articles of Confederation.

It was used so that smaller states like Vermont would have some voice in the new nation otherwise all a politician would have need to do was to win New York State.

How happy would Stupid Communist, if the Po river valley region was the only region a politician need to win in order to become PM?

Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats tried to buy the election. they outspent Trump 2 to 1 or more. SC is ignorant or lying.

Aizino Smith said...

If the anarchists had broken through, it would have been delicious.

James said...

There is a beautiful metaphor in the above picture.

fred lapides said...

spending on advertising is not buying the election. It is as mainstream as lobby groups shaping our agendas.

Aizino Smith said...

There was godlike reverb when Obama gave his speech in Denver standing before faux Grecian columns in 2008.

"The reverb last night, the reverb last night was more reverb than I have ever heard."

Now in 2016 Obama is standing before broken Grecian columns.

Those columns were broken by the Turks. Present day Turkey also helped break Obama.

Aizino Smith said...

"Obama God! Democrats build a temple for Barack"

Back in the day, when Leftists without scruples (pleonasm), Nobel Committee We are looking at you, gave out Peace Prizes like candy, as a goad or as affirmative action.

Back in the day, when we know who, bowed down and worshiped Obama.

Back in the day, when we know who, looked on with adoring eyes as kids were propagandized.