Friday, November 4, 2016

Russian-Declared Cease-Fire In Aleppo Has Fallen Apart

The Guardian: Aleppo braces for Russian assault as rebels vow to defy ultimatum

Moscow says evacuation corridors are in place ahead of expected bombardment of east of Syrian city but rebels plan to stay

Syrian rebel groups in east Aleppo are planning to defy an ultimatum from Vladimir Putin to abandon the city by Friday night, insisting that promised safe passages out of besieged areas do not exist and that an imminent Russian blitz will not change the course of the war.

As the Russian carrier group expected to take part in the attack moved into their final positions in the eastern Mediterranean, opposition fighters made fresh forays into west Aleppo, the latest in a series of attempts to break a four-year siege of the rebel -held east, which is surrounded by Iranian-backed militias that support the Syrian leader.

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