Saturday, November 19, 2016

Russia's Favorite Arch-Conservative Comments On Trump

Russia's favorite arch-conservative. Russia Insider

Wall Street Journal: How the Kremlin Sees Trump’s Re-Reset With Moscow

‘We consider Trump the American Putin,’ says a leading Russian thinker—meaning ‘a conservative nationalist’ and a ‘realist.’

Donald Trump on Monday took one of his first truly important calls as America’s next commander in chief, and Vladimir Putin was on the other end. Mr. Trump told the Russian supreme leader that he seeks a “strong and enduring relationship” with Moscow, per the Kremlin readout. His promised re-reset with Moscow is on track.

Rapprochement starts in Syria, where the president-elect has welcomed U.S.-Russian cooperation against Islamic State. That’s not a departure from current policy, contrary to hysteria on the left. Mr. Trump didn’t forge the de facto alliance with Moscow in Syria; his predecessor did. But to avoid the missteps of the last reset, Mr. Trump would do well to understand the ideological vision that shapes Kremlin strategy.

There is perhaps no better guide to Russian thinking today than the philosopher Alexander Dugin. One of the main “ideologists” behind Moscow’s aggressive foreign policy, Mr. Dugin is an influential intellectual with ties to the Kremlin. He has argued vociferously in favor of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and the U.S. Treasury sanctioned him last year over his alleged role in “violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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WNU Editor: On many issues Trump is definitely no Putin .... and Kremlin insiders will be making a mistake if they assume he is. I call this wishful thinking in Moscow .... and how Russians try to understand the world by using their own context and experiences to explain it .... and being optimistic while doing it. As for Alexander Dugin .... he is telling his friends in the Kremlin what they want to hear.... and they are listening. That is why they are going to be disappointed when they learn that a President Donald Trump does not have the same power that Russian President Putin has .... and that he cannot (or will not) deliver on what they want. To prepare everyone for this I have been telling everyone that I know in Russia that now is the time to lower expectations when it comes to the U.S. President-elect .... but sadly (and not surprising) .... no one is listening to me.

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RRH said...

I agree with you Editor,

I read the English language Russian media (RI, Sputnik, RT, The Duran etc.,) daily, and someone who only read these sources could be forgiven for thinking Trump is the second coming of Christ. The wilful ignorance concerning the nature of Trump's appointments is astounding as is what seems to be (as you mentioned) the lack of understanding regarding what he can and can't do. Much less what he will and won't do.

A lot of Russians are in for a really big disappointment and a really nasty surprise.

Dugin's carrying on reminds me of something out of the late eighteenth century; Count Ignatev. Seriously, what's next? Seize the Bosphorus? Unite the Slavs?

And that damned beard. He may think it looks all classical and s##+ and but the Americans he's appealing to will just think "Duck Dynasty". Past that, Mr. Dugin (and a whole mess of folks on the right) ignore that liberalism, and liberals, is/are by and large the best friend he and other proto fascists ever had.