Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Should President-Elect Trump's Business Be Put In A 'Blind Trust'

Denial: Both men's teams denied that Trump asked for a red-tape-tangled building permit to be hurried up. Trump blamed coverage of the alleged conflict of interest on 'crooked media'

The Guardian: Trump did not ask Argentina's president for business favor, spokesman says

Local media reports alleged US president-elect asked Mauricio Macri, a longtime business acquaintance, for help with his stalled office project in Buenos Aires.

A spokesman for Argentina’s president has denied that Donald Trump asked for a business favour when Mauricio Macri called the US president-elect to congratulate him on his victory.

Local media reports have alleged that Trump asked Macri for help over a stalled construction permit for a 35-storey project called Trump Office in downtown Buenos Aires. A source told the Guardian that the information came from Macri’s staff.

“Trump asked him to authorize a building he’s constructing in Buenos Aires – it wasn’t just geopolitical chat,” said journalist Jorge Lanata on his Sunday night news programme, Periodismo Para Todos.

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Update #1: Argentine president denies Trump asked for business favor (Politico)
Update #2: Report: Trump pressed Argentina's president about stalled building project (The Hill)
Update #3: Argentina denies news report that Trump sought personal favors (Washington Post)

WNU Editor: Perception is everything in politics .... and this is what will doom a Trump Presidency if he does not get a handle on it. Put everything in a blind trust is the best route .... it will end this discussion.

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