Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Slate And Vice Are Going To Post Exit Poll Results At Seven U.S. Battleground States Starting At 11:00 EST (For Slate)


Slate: Welcome to an Unprecedented Election Day Experiment

Want to see who’s winning the presidential race? Follow real-time turnout projections from Slate and VoteCastr.

This Election Day will be different—regardless of how it ends. This time, for the first time, you won’t have to wait until the polls close to find out what happened while they were open. In partnership with the data startup VoteCastr, Slate will be publishing real-time projections of which candidate is winning at any given moment of the day in seven battleground states, any of which could decide who is the next president of the United States.

This, as you may have heard, is controversial. It will break a decadeslong journalistic tradition whereby media outlets obey a self-imposed embargo on voting information under the unproven theory that it might depress turnout on Election Day. But as our Editor-in-Chief Julia Turner put it this summer when she announced the VoteCastr partnership: “The role of journalists is to bring information to people, not to protect them from it.” For the first time, you’ll have access to the same kind of data that campaigns use to monitor voting activity and frame their thinking throughout Election Day. We teamed up with VoteCastr because we don’t think there’s any good reason the candidates and their teams should have a monopoly on that kind of information.

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WNU Editor: The Vice News post on this story can be read here.

WNU Editor: This type of exit polling has been spectacularly wrong in the past (I am thinking of the 2004 election). I also do not have confidence that Slate and Vice will be fair in their sampling of voters (they are heavily biased towards Hillary Clinton). But this is definitely going to be a must see post to at least get a measure of what is happening today. The link is here.

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