Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Iraqis Are Welcoming President-Elect Trump's Position On The Islamic State

New York Times: Iraqis Welcome Trump’s Stance on ISIS, but Fear It May Backfire

ERBIL, Iraq — Many Muslims in the Middle East reacted with a mix of fear, caution, suspicion and scorn on Friday to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s appointments of aides with hostile views toward Islam.

From Iraq and Syria and Lebanon and elsewhere, a range of people already skeptical about Mr. Trump said their doubts were only reinforced by announcements that senior security positions in his administration would be filled with figures like Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, known for his outspoken antipathy toward Muslims.

“Trump chose @GenFlynn as his National Security Advisor. We must not shy away from comparing his anti-Muslim rhetoric to that of the Nazis,” Joey Ayoub, a well known Lebanese blogger, said on Twitter. He echoed the trepidation about General Flynn’s now-famous Twitter post that “fear of Muslims is RATIONAL.”

Struggling to understand what Mr. Trump’s ascent means for them and their war-ravaged region, some, however, expressed hope that he will confront militant Islamist extremists far more aggressively than the Obama administration has done.

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WNU Editor: The entire Middle East is now engaged in a sectarian conflict .... the fact that Donald Trump is pointing out the destructive role that radical Islam is playing in these conflicts may not appeal to those who believe otherwise .... but for the people who are in the line of fire, I am sure that President-Elect Trump's remarks are hitting a chord. But will it involve a greater commitment of U.S. ground forces .... I sincerely hope not.

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