Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Syrian War News Updates -- November 22, 2016

Al Jazeera: Syria launches new commando force as war heats up

New volunteer military unit formed by Syrian army as troops battle their way into rebel-held eastern Aleppo.

Syria's military announced it is forming a new commando force, calling on volunteers interested in "achieving the final victory against terrorism" to apply.

The announcement on Tuesday, which named the new force the Fifth Corps, didn't specify where it would be deployed.

After nearly six years of combat, the Syrian conscription-based armed forces has become overstretched and has increasingly relied on its regional allies that have boosted its numbers and capabilities.

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Syrian War News Updates -- November 22, 2016

Syrian army announces new volunteer force to fight ‘terrorism’ -- Washington Post
Syria army announces new anti-terrorism force -- AP
Syrian army forms volunteer corps to fight militants -- Reuters
Warring Parties in Syria Bombing Eastern Aleppo into Oblivion -- VOA
Relentless bombing pummels Syria's largest city -- CBS
Syrian army pushes into rebel-held areas of Aleppo -- DW
US names Syrian generals accused of leading attacks on civilian targets -- ABC News Online
Syrian army says Aleppo rebels hoarding food, rebels dismiss as propaganda -- Reuters
Civilians flee as Syria regime advances in rebel Aleppo -- FP
Syria Health Services 'Devastated' by Conflict -- VOA
Aleppo siege is 'war of extermination', says injured doctor -- The Guardian
Syrian regime uses ‘surrender or starve’ tactic on rebel towns -- Financial Times
Syria conflict: Almost one million living under siege - UN -- BBC
One million Syrians living under siege -- VICE
UN Says Nearly 1 Million Living Under Siege In Syria -- RFE
Russia's Lavrov, U.S.'s Kerry, in phone call, discuss Syria's Aleppo -- Reuters
Turkey seeks arrest of Syrian Kurdish political leader -- BBC
US, Turkey at Cross-purposes in Syria as Their Allies Clash -- VOA
U.S. envoy to U.N. blames and shames Syria, Russia over Aleppo -- CNN
US Ambassador to UN: 'Russian terror' against Syrian civilians will only cause more terror -- Business Insider
Syria tells Russia it needs fuel and wheat, wants more trade -- Reuters
Russia sets up free trade zone with Syria -- RT

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