Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The British Royal Navy Will No Longer Have Anti-Ship Missiles Because Of Budget Cuts

HMS Iron Duke firing a Harpoon missile CREDIT: ROYAL NAVY

The Telegraph: Royal Navy to lose missiles and be left only with guns

Royal Navy warships will be left without anti-ship missiles and be forced to rely on naval guns because of cost-cutting, the Ministry of Defence has admitted.

The Navy’s Harpoon missiles will retire from the fleet’s frigates and destroyers in 2018 without a replacement, while there will also be a two year gap without helicopter-launched anti-shipping missiles.

Naval sources said the decision was “like Nelson deciding to get rid of his cannons and go back to muskets” and one senior former officer said warships would "no longer be able to go toe-to-toe with the Chinese or Russians".

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WNU Editor: Can anyone say "sitting duck".


B.Poster said...

This is exactly the type of ridiculous nonsense I was referring to in my post regarding the US honoring "committments" in Asia that was referred to. It would be unethical fot the United States to be expected to defend against such stupidity.

Of course should Russia decide to attack there isn't a force on earth that could stand up to that. It may be possible to develop defense positions coupled with foregin policy decisions that may make the Russians decide there is no value in being enemies of America. In other words add value to them and make the costs of attack cost prohibitive so they won't consider it.

Jay Farquharson said...

The UK's "problem" isn't "money".

It's what they have spent the "money" on.

QE Class Aircraft Carriers with no aircraft.

F-35's that wont arrive until 2025.

Bleeding edge Destroyers that break down in warm water.

IFV's 75% over initial costs.

Billions spent on the Wars of Choice.

Can't have it all, on a budget.

Turfy77 said...

The world most piss weak navy ship. Can't even defend against another ship

Turfy77 said...

The world most piss weak navy ship. Can't even defend against another ship

Unknown said...

What has happened to the Royal Navy. From one of the most formidable war machines to unable to fight in less than 70 years. Rule Britannia - I don't think so. The Australian navy will have a more war worthy capability for the next couple of years. Perhaps the commonwealth navy will be a protector of British assets. How the tides turn.

Andrew Jackson said...

Thats what govt health does to you,no money for anything else! Plus the healthcare sucks!

Andrew Jackson said...

Japan has 43 destroyers and 3 AC carriers,they pull they're weight nicely unlike the pathetic UK!

Young Communist said...

Military spending are only to steal public money and speculations.

Jay Farquharson said...

Japan has no aircraft carriers.

The JSDF has "helecopter destroyers", just because it has "aircraft" on board, does not make it an aircraft carrier.