Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Incoming Trump Administration Will Take A Look At Developing Space Weapons


Roll Call: Under Trump, GOP to Give Space Weapons Close Look

Programs to account for a significant share of defense budget boost

Missile defense and military space programs are likely to get a substantial funding boost under the incoming Republican-dominated government, lawmakers and analysts say.

Coming soon are a greater number of more capable anti-missile interceptors and radars deployed around the globe — on land, at sea and possibly in space, say these legislators and experts, several of whom have consulted with President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers. More government money will be directed at protecting U.S. satellites from attack — potentially including systems that can ram into or otherwise disable another country’s satellites. And senior Republicans who oversee Pentagon spending said in interviews this week that they support considering all such systems.

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WNU Editor: The press has not focused on President-Elect Trump’s thoughts on missile defense and military space programs .... as compared to his other defense proposals such as a 350 ship Navy or enlarging the U.S. Army. I predict that with time this is going to change .... developing space weapons has always been an expensive endeavor, and then there will be the reaction from China and Russia who will probably respond by expanding their weapon programs and initiatives.

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