Saturday, November 12, 2016

The New York Times Admits That The Mainstream Media Has Lost Their Monopoly On Information

President-elect Donald Trump says he would be more restrained in his use of social media once in the White House, but said it was nothing to be ashamed of (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

New York Times: Online, Everything Is Alternative Media

Breitbart, the website at the center of the self-described alternative online media, is planning to expand in the United States and abroad. The site, whose former chairman became the chief executive of Donald J. Trump’s campaign in August, has been emboldened by the victory of its candidate.

Breitbart was always bullish on Mr. Trump’s chances, but the site seems far more certain of something else, as illustrated by a less visible story it published on election night, declaring a different sort of victory: “Breitbart Beats CNN, HuffPo for Total Facebook Engagements for Election Content.”

It was a type of story the site publishes regularly. In August: “Breitbart Jumps to #11 on Facebook for Overall Engagement.” In June: “Breitbart Ranked #1 in the World for Political Social Media; Beats HuffPo by 2 Million.” Late last year: “Breitbart News #6 for Most Comments Among English Facebook Publishers Globally.”

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WNU Editor: Donald Trump has also credited social media for his election win .... Trump credits social media with election win (AFP) .... and he is right, starting with the primaries social media gave him an outlet to attack those who were attacking him. As for Facebook, they are feeling the heat .... 'Crazy' to say Facebook helped Trump win - Zuckerberg (BBC).

Update: Yup .... New York Times: We blew it on Trump (Michael Goodwin, NYPost).

Update #2: A prediction .... alternative media is going to have an impact in Europe .... starting with the French and German elections, and I have been given the heads-up that in Russia's 2017 Presidential election, the opposition will be using these media platforms to circumvent state controlled media to distribute and publicize their side of the story.


jimbrown said...

This statement would NOT have appeared if HRC won.

War News Updates Editor said...

Definitely Jim Brown. But she did not.