Friday, November 25, 2016

The White House Has Given U.S. Special Forces The Authority To Hunt Foreign Fighters Globally

Army and Air Force troops train at a remote landing strip in Djibouti. Air Force photo

Washington Post: Obama administration expands elite military unit’s powers to hunt foreign fighters globally

The Obama administration is giving the elite Joint Special Operations Command — the organization that helped kill Osama bin Laden in a 2011 raid by Navy SEALs — expanded power to track, plan and potentially launch attacks on terrorist cells around the globe, a move driven by concerns of a dispersed terrorist threat as Islamic State militants are driven from strongholds in Iraq and Syria, U.S. officials said.

The missions could occur well beyond the battlefields of places like Iraq, Syria and Libya where Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has carried out clandestine operations in the past. When finalized, it will elevate JSOC from being a highly-valued strike tool used by regional military commands to leading a new multiagency intelligence and action force. Known as the “Counter-External Operations Task Force,” the group will be designed to take JSOC’s targeting model — honed over the last 15 years of conflict — and export it globally to go after terrorist networks plotting attacks against the West.

The creation of a new JSOC entity this late in the Obama’s tenure is the “codification” of best practices in targeting terrorists outside of conventional conflict zones, according to the officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss administration deliberations. It is unclear, however, if the administration of President-elect Donald Trump will keep this and other structures set up by Obama. They include guidelines for counterterrorism operations such as approval by several agencies before a drone strike and “near certainty” that no civilians will be killed. This series of presidential orders is known as the “playbook.”

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WNU Editor: It is interesting that this is happening only now .... near the end of the Obama administration.


Aizino Smith said...

Yes, that is interesting.

If liberals complain after January 20th and Trump says he is only continuing a policy Obama saw fit to have, the libtards will give Trump no quarter.

Obama is being deceitful, but hey he is a lib.

Aizino Smith said...

Maybe this means that Obama finally understood that ISIL is no longer contained in just Iraq and Syria.

I mean come on Obama is slow, but he is not that slow.

He is not a total retard, who takes 8 years to come to the realization that this war is global. It only took him 7 years 11 months.

Matthew Dupuis said...

JSOC is not new, nor is its ability to strike globally. This only expands its ability to call upon conventional strike options and CIA assets. JSOC has not been able to defeat the Taliban, al-queda, Yemeni AQAP, or stall ISIS. A bigger hammer won't, by default, be more effective at tightening a bolt...

RRH said...

Arm 'em with the right, JSOC 'em with the left.

Nothing new to see here.

Alt right playing the old right okey like arming their Islamo-fascist doppelgängers -and oh golly gee wizzing about it- is just an Obama thing.

He was always their President even if they hated him because he was "black".

Aizino Smith said...

Obama is not black. To borrow a racist black term, Obama is an oreo. He is a halfrican.

He is a mixed race kid brought up with class privilege by some very hypocritical American communists.

Aizino Smith said...

RRH got his kicks in the 1980s by dreaming of the USSR air dropping mines onto the Afghanistan countryside.

RRH said...

Funny, any time I hear that term it's coming out f a white bigot's mouth. Black bigots prefer the term "high yellow".

Regardless, your damn stupid (like everything else y'all thunk up) One Drop Rule mandated the label, not my supposed ignorance regarding his background.

Oreo, high yellow, chocolate chip muffin, soya mocha latte, half 'n' half, whatever, he is, was and always will be your president.

Like a good Uncle Tom, in the Blackest sense of the term, he legitimated your bullshit, ran cover for your crimes even with a mandate to prosecute you for them, did his best to emulate you and never missed a chance to ingratiate himself toward you. You are his unrequited love but, no matter his super human efforts to "bridge the (so called) divide", to you he will always just be "that n-----" in your White House.

So now you've done it "right", in the truest sense of the word, and voted for the KKK endorsed candidate cuz ain't nuthin' liketge real thing, baby. For some -like James or B.-,it was an honest flubb -I'll never believe they belong to your intellectually bankrupt Munich Beerhall Putch Club- , but for you Aizino, this gang of reactionary, ignorant, corrupt, racist, incompetent yokels is like four years of Christmas en route. The crowning achievement of a lifetime of lying, projecting, bullying, threatening, back sliding, getting others to do the work, making bizarro historical allusions, and blaming others for the awful results of your slack jawed mouth breather policies. The only thing better would be a real life version of "They Saved Hitler's Brain".

They did save it you know, and every rotten one of you got their piece.

But for every Hitler there's a Stalin, so before you settle in on that keyboard, my advice is you and yours get aquainted with the pick, shovel and wheelbarrow.

The kids/Grandkids are no Obama.

RRH said...

Can't wait for that next Repulicray convention, can ya?

Aizino Smith said...

"Funny, any time I hear that term it's coming out f a white bigot's mouth. Black bigots prefer the term "high yellow".

I used the term blacks in good standing with the DNC use to disparage blacks when they are not using the term Uncle Tom.

Obama grew up in a white world. If he had not spent a few years in Chicago building up his cred no one in the black community would have given him a second look.

Obama is as fake as everything else in the Democrat Party and the Left.

King Aragon said...

Well the real war is between your heart and mind ... yo foolishness my party based in north America canyons can't kill what yo can't see ...we r the 1776 warparty....can u dig it ....ha ha ha

King Aragon said...


RRH said...

you're so FOS.

RRH said...

"Obama is as fake as everything else in the Democrat Party and the Left."

He never faked being your President.

RRH said...

Neither will Trump.

No fake news here. Sometimes even the CBC lets the truth slip out.

But let's light candles to Castro's "victims" while dignifying the return of Jim Crow and Fascism to mainstream politics and power.

Aizino Smith said...

Full frontal RRH

Not what I was looking for, but I will take it.

Aizino Smith said...

Obama has faked quite a bit.

He is not America's president. He was president of the USSA.

1) The White House Has Given U.S. Special Forces The Authority To Hunt Foreign Fighters Globally

2) Obama is for the Mars program now

RRH said...

More like the UKKK.

You'll look back on him fondly when Mom's Social Security stops rolling in.

Aizino Smith said...

My Mom will never get Social Security.

So d-breath how could it stop?

RRH said...

I'm sure you've figured a scam.

You managed to vote for one.

RRH said...

And she'll never get it as long as she lets you bring in the mail.


Andrew Jackson said...

Obama is an enemy of the U.S.

RRH said...

Which makes him little different from most of your Presidents since FDR.

Aizino Smith said...

FDR was literally at war with the American people until about 1940.

That leftist asswipe managed to squeeze in a recession (1937-1938) inside of a depression. That pretty much makes him a record holder.

I could see where you would detest President Truman. He was a veteran with real military experience.

RRH said...


I could see where you'd detest FDR, he did not fall victim to the fascist coup plotters.

Aizino Smith said...

Read the book "The Forgotten Man" putz.

Seriously FDR only stopped his war against the American people because he was barely smart enough to realize he could not attack the American people and the NAZIs at the same time.

RRH said...

Read the book "War Is A Racket" by Smedley Butler

When your heroes in treason approached him to throw out FDR and be their Fuhrer, this real military veteran and patriot refused and turned them in.

Aizino Smith said...

"The Business Plot was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed"

Funny, but I do not remember any trials.

The book I mentioned does have facts to back it up.

Poor try chump.Try again.

RRH said...

You wouldn't remember any trials.

Your people rarely face trials.

Butler was in no way a liar.

The most decorated Marine in history in his time.

Who despises real military men?

Play the game

No trials,

Public aplenty hearings though.

You f-ers are so good at dodging responsibility but Castro caught you and beat you. that's why you hate him

"The reader who wishes to examine the official testimony is referred to the government report, `Investigation of Nazi Propaganda Activities and Investigation of Certain Other Propaganda Activities: Public Hearings Before the Special Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, Seventy-third Congress, Second Session, at Washington, DC, December 29, 1934. Hearings No. 73-D.C.-6, Part 1.' Extracts of the censored testimony are revealed in the books A MAN IN HIS TIME, by John L. Spivak [NY: Horizon Press, 1967], and ONE THOUSAND AMERICANS, by George Seldes [NY: Boni & Gaer, 1947]" (p 140).

RRH said...

You're not only a liar but an accomplice to treason.

Break a broom stick and fall on it. It's the least you can do, especially as we all know it'd be beneath you to actually pick it up and sweep a floor with it.

Aizino Smith said...

I actually swept floor while going through college.

Try again d___ breath

RRH said...

"I actually swept floor while going through college"

Aizino, fyi,

shuffling around in your house shoes in your way to your mom's fridge, the shithouse or back to bed is not sweeping the floor.



Aizino Smith said...


It does not take much for you to paint yourself.