Saturday, November 5, 2016

There Are 45,000 Militant Fighters Operating In Afghanistan

Taliban militants who were arrested by Afghan police stand during a presentation of seized weapons and equipment in Jalalabad on March 2. Radio Free Europe

Khaama Press: 45,000 opposition fighters operating in Afghanistan, UN experts say

At least 45,000 opposition forces are operating in Afghanistan with foreign insurgents comprising around 20 to 25 percent of the forces, the United Nations experts have said.

The experts informed regarding the estimated number of the insurgents as they presented a report to the United Nations Security Council on Friday.

According to the report, the Taliban militants group’s relations with the Al-Qaeda terrorist network have strengthened, specifically during the Mullah Akhtar Mansoor times.

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Update: UN Experts: 45,000 Opposition Fighters in Afghanistan (AP).

WNU Editor: These numbers are sobering.


Aizino Smith said...

President 'Bumble' has ISIS contained in over a dozen countries and counting.

Roger said...

Well, this is not a win-able situation. We've tried long enough and to great cost in troops and $$$. I say let them behead the Karzi's and others of their ilk, then they will likely go after game playing Pakistan, the other stans and then Putin, not to mention China.
I'm popping the popcorn as I type.


Stephen Davenport said...

I can tell you with one hundred percent surety that report is pure bullshit, take it to the bank, they do not even have half that number. Most of the fighters are part-timers guarding the dope. It's a stalemate in a country that still thinks it is the roaring 1200's.

TWN said...

Considering that during the troubles the IRA only had at any given time between 500 and 700 fighters and they tied down 25% of the British Army for 30 years, a couple of thousand fighters can cause a lot of trouble. Insurgency wars are very hard win, the odds in the long term always favor the insurgents, how long have we been in Ratghanistan 15 years no end in sight,our so called leaders, bunch of morons the lot.

Jay Farquharson said...

Technically, 41 years with a 9 year "gap".