Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tonight's Presidential Election

WNU Editor: The girlfriend and I decided to go out tonight .... to skip the U.S. election coverage. So we drove to a subway station not far from where I live, and from there we made our way to our favourite french restaurant in Old Montreal with the expectation that we would probably be the only ones there.  We were right. In a place that is always packed, it was only 1/5 occupied. Naturally .... the service was great, the food and wine was superb .... and we had no idea on what was happening tonight (we left our cell phones at home on purpose). After our meal we then took a walk through Old Montreal .... oblivious to everything .... just enjoying our company.

I would say that this evening was one the best evenings I have had in years. No politics. No focus on the news and what is happening in the world. Just two people focused on each other, the present .... and the future.

But going back home this evening I could tell on the subway that Trump was winning. My GF noticed it too. Montreal is a very liberal city .... it would make places like Manhattan or the Bay Area in California extreme Attila the Hun conservatives in comparison. The face on everyone in the subway ... glued to their phones ... reading whatever they were reading .... said it all. Gloom and doom.

I just got home, and the New York Times is now giving Donald Trump a 95% chance of winning the Presidency with 306 electoral votes .... Presidential Election Results (New York Times).

As you can imagine I am just bursting with commentary and opinion. Everyone in the news media  who made a prediction on what was going to happen tonight has been proven wrong. The polls were wrong. The news analysis was wrong. The pundits and commentators were mostly wrong. Everyone and everything .... wrong, wrong, and wrong.

But I must confess that there is someone who I know who predicted what was going to happen tonight a year ago .... and she is not even political .... just someone who listens to the news and keeps her comments to herself. Yup .... that person is my girl friend.

I am going to bed now. But expect a long analysis and commentary when I wake up.


Anonymous said...

No pleasure in a Trump victory, but plenty of schadenfreude for Clinton's loss (if it holds up).

D.Plowman said...

To me, it was like watching a really slow ass horse race...

I was cheering for trump all the way, cause I've got a 'substantial' amount riding on that fucker after making a bet for him to win (way before the bookies ever labelled him a favorite, thank fuck for those polls).

So unless that horse trips, I'm a very happy man. And slightly wealthier.

Hamilcar Barca said...

The will of the peasants ! A good thing to america , and a bad thing to the world !!!

mlacix said...

Well, I think Hillary could call this election as her "personal Vietnam". But all you worry about the result, hiding in shelters already, aint no worry, nothing wrong gonna happen, and even you will understand and be thankful for this day, and hundreds of years from now peple will say the same thing, as the ruins of the "Great American Wall" will become a part of world heritage, and became the most popular turist attraction of it's time. But now, it's time for "All hail to the King".

Anonymous said...

the age of enlightenment has begun

Anonymous said...

Looks like Canada is going to get a lot more celebrities. Good riddance and don't send them back.

RRH said...

We came. We saw. She lost.

Time to build that wall.

Aizino Smith said...

"The will of the peasants ! A good thing to america , and a bad thing to the world !!!" -Hamilcar

We are already on the road to war.

Diplomatic phase I; Kinetic phase; (post kinetic) diplomatic phase II (lock in the gains); Rinse & repeat.

What do you think Obama losing The Phillipines was?

The Phillipines is not some little island in a string of Pearls like bloody Tarawa (FDR news censored), Saipan or or Guadualcanal. It is the mother of all island supercarriersand that PISS ANT Obama lost it.

Obama already set us on a course to war. He 'flexibly' bent backward or get limber after reading the Kama Sutra to please Vlad.

Obama does not have 'creased' pant so much as grass stained pants which he displayed on his apology tours. All that apologia and whatever the fuck he did in China 2 months ago did not impress Duterte.

America is in some serious shit and Obama put us their. Hillary would have stayed the course.

Aizino Smith said...

You came. Wikileaks shined sunlight on you.You did not scatter but the sun had some disinfecting affect.

"Time to build that wall."

Yes it is time for you to build that wall. The French and British built a wall in Calais. You should pay attention. You won't, because you are a mind numbed robot & little Eichmann. You will build or want to build a wall for the wrong reasons. But hey we will take it. A stop clock can be right twice a day.

Whatever that wall may protect NYC from some of the unvetted Syrians that Trudeau scion and young prince brought in.

Aizino Smith said...

You did not scatter but the sun had some disinfecting affect.

No you did not scatter but cursed the light like the arrogant f_cks you are.

Young Communist said...

So the trend of xenophobic nationalism never stop.
Not that the choice of Miss Clinton will be the best for us Europeans.

Polls have never tried to read the real deep America, but to channel opinions. And Bernie Sanders supporters do not support Hillary.

Maybe with Trump we have gain one year more before that guy give the final blow to the US economy, and forced to wage wars like Killary did, with her bunch of neocon assholes and their imperial dreams.

RRH said...


You just voted for the Eichman agend - that's been your angle since day one.

As for "the light". We already know what a scumbug Clinton is, now you've presented us with scum on steroids. Funny thing is, no better how bad he/you f--- up, it will all be someone else's fault.

As for Trudeau,

I'll say this: he'd better stop hiding under mummy's skirt and put his big boy pants on. Cray cray is large and in charge next door.

RRH said...

No matter what he does YC it will all be someone else's fault. That's how the "party of personal responsibility" works.

Count on it.

B.Poster said...


I'm not sure how your girlfriend could have foreseen the Trump victory by merely listening to the news. She must have extraordinary instincts!!

When Trump first got the nomination about a year ago. I also, predicted his victory as well, however, it was predicated on several assumptions that never fully materialized. As such, I became far less bullish on that prediction in the three weeks or so prior to the election.

While I try very hard to be respectful to others I don't typically keep my comments to myself when perhaps I should. Your girlfriend seems to be a very wise woman!! It would seem you are a very blessed man!!


Very respectfully, Mr. Trump laid out the key to getting along with America under his Administration in his speech last night/early this morning. Treat us with respect you would any other humans and this will be reciprocated. If this is going to be the attitude toward Americans of most Canadians, then it is going to be hard to be optimistic that good relations can be forged.

Furthermore I'm not sure why Mr. Trudeau needs to hide under anything. I'm assuming he's prepared to deal respectively with Americans and their leaders. As such, nothing to hide from.

As for Eichman, wasn't he the one who participated largely in the mass murder/Holocaust of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Proposing to build a wall to stop an invader is hardly comparable. Nations and individuals have been doing such things for as long as civilization itself. Such things are common sense when faced with an invader. It's going to be very helpful to undertake some efforts to understand America and its unique situation and refrain from lectures or insults. If after undertaking such studies, you have constructive critiques, this would be welcomed.

WNU has written previously about "blame Russia for everything" and explained he has developed "thick skin." Unfortunately I have yet to develop such thick skin.

If Mr. Trump and his team can improve relations with Russia, this would be helpful to everyone. In contrast, team Clinton recklessly blamed the Russians for wikileaks without any evidence being presented further inflaming an already tense situation needlessly.

I do hope and pray that misunderstandings about America and its situation are the exception rather than the norm. If this is the norm, it's hard to see how anything can be accomplished.

Young Communist said...

It will all be someone else fault?

As we, today, have the power to change things.

Of course, if we have lost so much power since the time of Soviet Union its mainly because ours faults.

Today we fight every day to re-awake and regroup a dispersed working class, but the reactions are similar to we seen in Greece, when the radical left appear to came in power.

Today we are pariah of the world, but that Eichmann idiocy is all yours.

B.Poster said...


While there may be some similarities to the situation in Greece to that in America, they would be only superficial. If you think you are a pariah, I know how you feel. Americans feel this way a great deal of the time to.

As for Eichmann, I looked him up. As suspected, he was one of the organizers of the holocaust. Very respectfully no one with any influence in America is even suggesting anything remotely like this. As long as such over the top and blatantly false attacks continue, it is going to be problematic at best to forge constructive relationships.

I believe you are from Canada, if I understood correctly from your previous posts. As stated, I do hope and pray that others are more reasonable and willing to try and understand the American position. If this is not the case, then any kind of improvements in relations between the two countries is going to be extremely problematic and could get worse. With such venom felt toward the American people, as they start to assert their basic rights that other nation states take for granted, such hatred may only get worse, however, once America is respected then constructive relations may become possible.

Aizino Smith said...


"As for "the light". We already know what a scumbug Clinton is"

What a lying 2-faced POS way to be.

Everything we knew, believed or had known was confirmed by Wikileaks in spades.

Yet, good Leftists like RRH defended the Clinton dynasty like champs.

We can read every email and see that Hillary broke the law but so long as Hillary is not prosecuted, people like RRH will say "Nothing to see here, with a straight face". What an animal. RRH you seriously remind me of the wild dogs tearing another wild dog apart in Martin Clune's documentary. You are no better.

Trump was elected for 2 reason. One was to stop illegal immigration. Might he disappoint us? Yes, but the establishment candidates promised to disappoint us. The other was that he was not of the establishment saying nothing is possible let us do Democrat lite.

You have your head so far up I think you would asphixiate if you breathed oxygen.

You have all the hallmarks of a brown nosing methane breather.

Aizino Smith said...

"As for Eichman, wasn't he the one who participated largely in the mass murder/Holocaust of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Proposing to build a wall to stop an invader is hardly comparable. Nations and individuals have been doing such things for as long as civilization itself. " - WNU

RRH was skooled.