Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tweets On The Death Of Fidel Castro


B.Poster said...

Compare and contrast the statements made by Donald Trump with those made by the Russian leadership, the Chinese leadership, and those made by Barak Obama. Donald Trump clearly has not been trained in diplomatic niceties.

Is this a good thing? I'm not sure. While the United States DESPIRATELY needs a POTUS who will represent it's interests and not apologize for doing so, after all Americans should be afforded the same basic rights and dignity that they are not currently being afforded and that most of the world's population takes for granted.

With that said the Castro government is very influential and counts as supporters pretty much "whose who" in terms of world power brokers. As such, the wisdom of this approach being taken by team Trump is somewhat questionable. A number of years ago I had written a paper on the Castros and the Cuban government. The conclusions reached at this time in the early 1990s were that the Castro government or it's handpicked successor would still be in power long after the United States ceased to exist. So far in the last 20+ years I've seen nothing that would alter that prediction. In fact, such an outcome seems more likely now than it did at the time the paper was written.

It's generally not a good idea to have such an implacable enemy so close to oneself especially when this implacable enemy enjoys close relations with pretty much every major power on earth who is enemies with oneself. A better approach might be to "play nice" with these people. As a starting point, I would suggest lifting all US sanctions against Cuba and pledging to do all we can to punish anyone who should try and impose sanctions on Cuba or its people. The threat of any US punishment would not mean much as there is little to nothing we can do anyway and it seems no one else sanctions Cuba anyway.

The sanctions are not being enforce, cannot be enforced, and everyone violates them with impunity anyway. With sanctions even the symbolic ones currently in place against Cuba it gives Cuba a sort of "favored nation" status around the world as an enemy of America. Removing the sanctions goes a long way toward ending this favored nation status possibly removing the attractiveness that Cuba has for some around the world and they are not effective anyway and only encourage further Cuban animosity towards the United States. As such, lifting them has huge upside potential coupled with no downside risk. Lifting the sanctions should be the first step. I'm not so sure such statements by team Trump are going to be helpful.

Caecus said...

I'm now convinced that B.Poster is from a parallel universe where the United states is a small, backward, impoverished rogue state constantly threatened with nuclear annihilation but mercifully allowed to exist by world powers such as Cuba, Iran and North Korea. Which sounds like a plot written by Philip K. Dick.

The fawning over Fidel Castro by the pseudocommies in the Western media and liberal elites is pathetic.

B.Poster said...


I never once said the United States is a small weak nation nor did I imply it. Very respectfully please read the posts in their entirety.

Now what I have stated is pursuing policies that lead to animosity between us and Russia, China, and their allies is unlikely to yield positive results. If one wishes to advance within an organization, it is seldom a good idea for one to pursue policies and positions that are hostile to the leaders within the organization.

Even if I'm wrong about the power structure, Russia, China, and a number of their allies can hurt us VERY, VERY badly. As such, extreme prudence is in order as to why, where, and when, they should be challenged. To put another way, it would only be prudent to challenge them in areas where vital American interests are at stake and areas where we can cooperate with them should not be passed up or flippantly dismissed.

I would tend to agree that the current fawning over Castro is pathetic. The Castro government is very influential and has the backing of a number of major world powers. As a media person, they desire "access" among other things. As a business person, "access" to various markets and the desire not to have one's assets confiscated is a major factor. As such, the desire even the need to "play nice" with the Castros can be understood even though it is not condoned.

If the Castros and Cuba did not have the current adversarial relationship with the United States, they'd be almost irrelevant. Being an enemy to America affords them a kind of favored nation status around the world. Also, having this relationship allows the Castros to present to their people a sort of "foreign devil" in the United States thereby helping strengthen their hold on power.

Eliminating unenforceable sanctions that have no tangible impact on the Cuban economy which happen to be all of the American sanctions would go a long way toward eliminating the foreign devil argument and undercutting foreign support for this government as the Americans would be making nice toward the Cubans. In time, this could go a long way toward undercutting this enemy. It might even lessen their hold on power. Such a move has huge upside potential and virtually no downside risk.

RRH said...

Donald Trump is about to find out that the rest of the world thinks Fidel Castro was cool while Jim Crow advisors and KKK endorsements are for losers.

RRH said...

The fawning over Castro is pathetic, but the fawning over Trump is just totally awesome!


B.Poster said...

No one of any real influence in America is fawning over Mr. Trump. If there are those elsewhere in the world fawning over him, the media is doing a good job keeping this a secret. While I cannot be certain, I suspect a number of foreign leaders are glad Mr. Trump won.

The missteps of HRC are simply to numerous to list in a post here. I tried to do so earlier and ran out of space. It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to be subject to her as POTUS.

The KKK and supporters of Jim Crow are virtually non existent in America today. Certain elements in the media and the political class need to trot out a non existent group in order to distract the populace at times and places as they deem needed. Sometimes the people need to be distracted.

RRH said...

The KKK is not "non existent" B. They are alive and well in the Alt Right and spry enough to endorse the Donald.

If the media didn't love Trump they'd have done what they do to those they don't want promotted; ignore them like they did Stein. THe quote Jay posted from the CBS about Trump being good for their business. The controversy was awesome for them and they knew no matter the result they'd suck hind teet for the winner no matter the result.

Trump was no victim and the narrative that he somehow was/is smacks of hysterical myth making.

RRH said...

The media has worked overtime presenting Putin as a Trump patron and highlighting messages and visits from well wishers such as Abe and Duterte. Even the Euro huffing and puffing has been presented as more of a tantrum of the applied than serious criticism.

B.S. baffles Brains B.

And for the next four years you're going to find out just where the bull shit's in the buckwheat. You're smart though and I expect you'll figure it out even sooner.

RRH said...

Has has, no Jim Crow here. Jus' a good 'ol boy for Attorney General is all.

B.Poster said...

Actually, if Mr. Trump can deliver on his stated goals of renegotiating the ridiculous trade agreements that are killing America, streamline the overly burdensome regulations that are strangling American businesses, lower the taxes that are literally murdering American families and causing the national debt to soar, fulfill the stated desire to improve relations with Russia, stem the invasion from the south either with the wall or other means, and make progress on fixing America's collapsing infrastructure, the economy should expand greatly.

As such, we may be looking at 8 years for Mr. Trump and a Pence presidency for 2024. If he fails, it may be less than 4 years. It is profoubdly in America's interests that he succeed.

As for Ms. Stein, she never had any support, like the libertarian candidate whatever his name was. As such, the media is not going to waste any time on them. To do so would make them look even more ridiculous than already do/have.

The KKK and Jim Crow supporters are for all practical purposes non-existent. If such people appeared publically, their lives would be quite short and they'd be publically shamed. As for any alleged support for candidate Trump, the candidate has no control over that any more than HRC can control the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or any of their ilk, however, unlike the afore mentioned these and the groups they represent have real influence.

A powerful KKK is a myth created by certain special interests. It kind of reminds me of the "two minutes of hate" in the novel 1984 by George Orwell. The people need to be distracted at times. Sonetimes the messaging against modern America bears little difference to Nazi messaging against the Jews in the run up to WWII. I do pray this ends better for America tgan it did for them.

Of course Trump was good for their business. "Shock Jocks" generate a strong interest kind of like slow motion train wrecks. The media never realized he might actually win and when they did they did everything they could to destroy him. It ultinately failed when the candidate changed his packaging. By that time it was to late for them.

RRH said...

Mr. Bush lowered business taxes. Things got worse.

Obama tried pushing infrastructure. The Ya'll Qaedas obstructed and ran interference at every turn. Now adding the spending equivalent of tritium to the debt bomb is suddenly all the rage among the right. Eight years of republican rule under the last Great Aya-toll-ya'll, Dubya, did nothing for infrastructure etc. There's no reason to believe the next four will see anything but more raucus fleecing of the public purse and finger pointing at some "enemies" to cover it up. Regardless, the infrastructure plan smacks of Keynesianism and all that your grand Muftis cried from the Chicago School Minarets was unholy. Now it's cool to "borrow and spend" cause "interest rates have never been lower", well, cuz Trump says so and, well, cyz he's rich and tells us what we want to hear and, uh, well ya.

Yet to be proven stories about better relations with Russia is not an excuse for nod nod wink winking at misogyny, racism, appointments of proven incompetents/fringe ideologues (funny how Stein is fringe but suddenly Bannon is mainstream) to key positions. And I didn't say the KKK was powerful, but they, and their message, sure have been given boost by Der Furor and his cohorts.

No you may not be able to control who endorses you, but they endorse you for a reason. And you can loudly disavow any relationshiop with them, at least as loudly as you promote building walls, seizing foreign oilfields, bashing women etc.

Anf the is absolutelt no equivalence between Al Sharpton,,Jesse Jackson (no matter how unsavory may find them) and the KKK B. Absolutely none. It's just as bad as the victim rhetoric conflating treatment of modern America with that of the the Jewsin Hitler's Reich. It's absolutely preposterous and beneath you intellectually B.

The media didn't give a shit one way or another. Their actions since the election speak volumes. Most of them are little better than cheap trick hoes.

RRH said...

And I'll guess will never know about Stein. She was ignored in favour of who called who what name this week. I didn't notice the media calling for all candidates being allowed to participate in the debates either. They dignified Kim Don Orange and "We Came We Saw He Died" Killer Killary's every vomitous, diarretic rant while ignoring anyone else's input.

We'll never know about Stein, Liberyarian What's his name because they weren't rich or pro system enough that it was deemed "necessary" for us to know about him.
Fox, Breitbart, Bill, Rush and a whole host of hate mongers have spent YEARS paving the road for Der Furor.

They are media too, just sayin'.

RRH said...

Aizino Smith said...

That sick f ck RRH is off the chain.

Fidel was cool.

Ask the women in white.

The women in white BTW are often Afro-Cuban.

RRH, the paid troll, sure knows how to lie. He likes seeing People of African heritage get beat down,. It is who he is.

It is all right RRH. We know you are sick f ck and get off on pictures like these.

Aizino Smith said...

Bush lowered taxes.

In our factory we could not produce enough product and ship it out the door in 2006.

It was go, go, go.

Then the Democrat's bomb (CRA) went off.

RRH said...

Sure Aizino,

the (out of the) closet fascist bigot.

White, Purple, Orange, Rose you got a colour for every scam.

So you "worked" (ha ha, whatever) in an arms plant during Bush's time. You rock.

If I'm sick it's because lazy, useless, bags if s--- like you are allowed to roam free.

"We", as in your various Alt right personalities know absolutely SFA about anything except making up lies, avoiding labour, and blaming others for your f-ups.

You cat calling Castro proves the adage that even a donkey can kick a dead lion.

RRH said...

"Often Afro-Cuban",

Well, pick me a token and cry me a river full of alligators moron. It so nice to see that you are finally, finally oh so concerned about Afro-Cubans or Afro anything at all.

While you were cheering on and running political cover for Apartheid in Africa, Castro was fighting your bastard buddies.

You're a racist, lying, inbred, stupid, lazy, ignorant, dog and Castro woulda' treated you and yours just how you deserved.

That in itself is enough to honour the man.

But thank you for climbing off of your mother long enough to vomit up some more of your aberrant rants on this forum. "We" certainly know what you are and what you stand for and "we" are gonna fight until you and yours are worked right into the ground.

RRH said...

And real Afro anythings know the difference so stop "electing" and throwing front men for your bulls--t like Obama up in everyone's faces.

Aizino Smith said...

1) RRH I am beginning to wonder if you are one of those paid trolls.

2) You replied but in no way absolved Castro of any charge of racism. You merely leveled a counter charge.

That pretty much means you lost.

Hang it up kiddo, you have had a tough day.

RRH said...

Aizino, shut the fk up.

The charge is a f'n lie. I'm not throwing up a defence against a bullshit charge.

Once again, you overestimate and over reach your authority and credibility regarding, well, anything but being a pathological liar.

And as for your Bushhappy factory,

After Chao got done gutting any labour legislation that was good for working people, making sure they could get screwed out of wages already held to a Victorian minimum, while making sure health and safety regs stayed put or went backwards, of course "your" factory did quite well. I'll even bet you led the decertification drive or directed the film squad to bully the group into voting out the union.

Aizino, I've never wondered if you are a paid troll, I just can not believe that anyone would be stoopid enough to hire you to do anything but demonstrate a suicide technique.

RRH said...

It just for you Boo Boo

Two words in Fidel and Racism

Cuito Cuanavale.

Remember 'em. They meant the beginning of the end.

RRH said...

The Revolution Castro led inspired Guillen to wrote this poem.

While All you rotten f-ers can do is grunt "Grab her by the pussy!"


When I see and touch myself,
I, Juan with Nothing only yesterday,
and Juan with Everything today,
and today with everything,
I turn my eyes and look,
I see and touch myself,
and ask myself, how this could have been.

I have, let's see,
I have the pleasure of going about my country,
owner of all there is in it,
looking closely at what
I did not or could not have before.
I can say cane,
I can say mountain,
I can say city,
say army,
now forever mine and yours, ours,
and the vast splendor of
the sunbeam, star, flower.

I have, let's see,
I have the pleasure of going,
me, a farmer, a worker, a simple man,
I have the pleasure of going
(just an example)
to a bank and speak to the manager,
not in English,
not in "Sir,"but in compañero as we say in Spanish.

I have, let's see,
that being Black
no one can stop meat the door of a dance hall or bar.
Or even on the rug of a hotel
scream at me that there are no rooms,
a small room and not a colossal one,
a tiny room where I can rest.

I have, let's see,
that there are no rural police
to seize me and lock me in a precinct jail,
or tear me from my land and cast me
in the middle of the highway.

I have that having the land I have the sea,
no country clubs,
no high life,
no tennis and no yachts,
but, from beach to beach and wave on wave,
gigantic blue open democratic:
in short, the sea.

I have, let's see,
that I have learned to read,
to count,
I have that I have learned to write,
and to think,
and to laugh.
I have… that now I have
a place to work
and earn
what I have to eat.
I have, let's see,
I have what I had to have

And he didn't need any of you.

RRH said...


Who are you now, Christianne Amanpour or some shit?

Aizino Smith said...


"The charge is a f'n lie. I'm not throwing up a defence against a bullshit charge." - RRH

So all those Ladies in white are lying.

You are deluded.

RRH said...

So all those Africans all lying.

You are retarded.

Aizino Smith said...

So the Ladies in White in Cuba who are black are not of African heritage?

You're bloated from all the Kool Aid you have been drinking.