Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ukraine Government Nervous On Losing Support From A Trump Administration

Defense News: Ukraine Vice PM: Less US Support Dangerous to Region’s Stability

HALIFAX – A high-ranking Ukrainian official warned that less support from the US to Ukraine – as it battles Russian aggression – could contribute to a much more destabilized region and have farther reaching effects.

“This equilibrium, if it is ruined, then it could actually lead to drastic consequences in other parts of the world,” Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, the vice prime minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, told Defense News in an interview Saturday at the Halifax International Security Forum.

With a Donald Trump presidency looming, there is much uncertainty in terms of decisions he may make related to assisting Ukraine and building a new relationship with Russia. Should Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin strengthen, it could translate to weakened support for Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

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WNU Editor: They should worry. As I have said more than once .... this is a conflict that screams for a political solution .... and one that only the Ukraine government and the rebel groups in the east can resolve. If President-elect Trump can get this dialogue going .... kudos for him. Unfortunately .... if given a choice between losing U.S. support or continuing the war in the east .... my gut is telling me that Ukraine President Poroshenko will still continue the war.


Andrew Jackson said...

If Trump doesn't help Ukraine and Poland,they will build Nukes😈

B.Poster said...

Poland and Ukraine developing their own nuclear arsenals may not be such a bad idea. Prsumably Poland as a member of NATO is under the US "nuclear umbrella."

If nukes were needed to defend Poland and the United States did so, the attacker most likely Russia would use its nukes against the United States. As such, as a practical matter, American nukes will never be used to defend Poland. This means the invader could act with impunity.

If Poland had its own nuclear arsenal, it would be understood that they would use tgeir aresnal in their defense should it be necessary. This would likely act as a check on any potential invader. This would have the added benefit of allowing America to orderly redeploy its military assets.

Additionally the US nuclear arsnel is aging and of questionable reliability. As such, having anyone under our "nuclear umbrella" is unwise in the extreme and serves neither our interests nor those. This arsenal will be needed to upgraded and has plenty to do defending America let alone guaranteeing the security of "allies."

fazman said...

They think they had it better under Obama?
How many MRE , blankets, tents do they want.

fazman said...

They think they had it better under Obama?
How many MRE , blankets, tents do they want.

Stephen Davenport said...

The only deal that can be made is for Russia to leave the Donbas, Crimea, Abkhazia and South Ossetia and give them back to their real owners, Ukraine and Georgia. That is the only deal that should be made. This rewarding aggression is bullshit, The Russians are the aggressors here and Georgia and Ukraine are the victims, that is a fact not an opinion. You want to reward the Russians because you are Russian and are a Putin fanboy. I am for a political solution but one that gives the Ukraine and Georgia back their territories.