Sunday, November 6, 2016

U.S. And Japanese Military Forces Practice Their Rapid Reaction Skills

USNI News: Marines Practice Expeditionary Advance Base Operations In Exercise Blue Chromite In Japan

Amphibious forces in the Pacific practiced a “back to the future” tactic of seizing advance naval bases and conducting maneuver warfare during exercise Blue Chromite in Okinawa, Japan, exercise leaders told USNI News.

The exercise, which started on Oct. 29 and ended today, used 3rd Marine Division Marines to practice the type of operations – maneuver warfare in an anti-access/area-denial environment against a sophisticated adversary – that are outlined in the new Marine Corps Operating Concept.

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Update: 'Controlled chaos': Blue Chromite exercise on Okinawa builds rapid reaction skills (Stars and Stripes)

WNU Editor: They are not saying it publicly, but this exercise is focused against one adversary .... China and what they would do in a naval/island military engagement.

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