Tuesday, November 22, 2016

U.S. Special Forces Mission In Somalia Is Expanding

SOFREP: U.S. Special Operations Forces leads joint raid on Al Shabaab in southern Somalia

Kismayo, Somalia– Initial reports coming out of the coastal city of Kismayo, Somalia are indicating that U.S. Special Operations Forces and elements from the Somali Special Forces targeted the jihadist group Harakat Al-Shabaab this afternoon in the village of Berhani. SOFREP obtained unconfirmed reports from a local photojournalist on the scene that “foreign troops have attacked a stronghold within the village of Berhani. Coalition forces arrested several people on suspicion of being aligned with the terror group Al Shabaab.” The source went on to claim that ” Four houses were set ablaze by Jubaland troops after the foreign forces raided the area.”

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Update: US forces in Somalia take on more risk as advisory mission expands (Stars and Stripes)

WNU Editor: This is another conflict where there is no discussion or debate in the U.S. on why the country is involved in another country's civil war. The above video is Somalia's Minister of Internal Security Abdirizak Omar Mohamed discussing joint U.S. - Somali military operations.


Andrew Jackson said...

Stupid is as stupid does!

Hans Persson said...

Probably just the old anti-pirate mission.