Thursday, November 3, 2016

US, Turkey In Discussions On How To Retake Raqqa From The Islamic State

Al Arabiya: US talks to Turkey about role to recapture Raqqa

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said on Wednesday the plan to envelope Raqqa, ISIS’s main stronghold in Syria, would take place soon with the forces available and that talks continued with Turkey on the role it could play “further down the road.”

“We intend to go there soon with the force that is capable of doing that and enveloping the city of Raqqa ... the final seizure of Raqqa, we continue to talk to Turkey about that and a possible role for Turkey in that further down the road,” Carter said at a press conference.

Meanwhile, Turkey said on Monday that it wants the operation on Raqqa to start after Mosul and Euphrates Shield operations have been completed.

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WNU Editor: U.S. backed Syrian rebels do not want the Turkish military involved in any operation to recapture Raqqa .... Syria's U.S.-backed SDF says no to Turkish role in Raqqa operation (Reuters).

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