Friday, November 11, 2016

Were Russian Politicians And Pundits Shocked By Donald Trump's Election Win?

Front pages of Russian newspapers report on the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election.

Matthew Bodner, Defense News: From Moscow: Russian Politicians and Pundits Shocked by Trump Election

The Russian media had been preparing for Hillary Clinton for weeks, if not months. On state television channels and news outlets, the former secretary of state was routinely derided as a corrupt, anti-Russian war monger. Some Russian media even went so far as to depict her as possibly insane, and out to start World War III.

In a country where the leader is never in question, Russian politicians and pundits were perhaps among the most shocked spectators of the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump emerged as the likely victor in the morning hours here on Wednesday. Clinton would win, Russians believed, because she is part of the elite. And the elite always steals the election.

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WNU Editor: They definitely were shocked. Many wanted him to win, but felt that because of the U.S. political elite, the media, big money, etc..., the possibility of Trump winning the Presidency was nil. Before the election I told a few people that it was too early to pass judgement .... was even on a Moscow radio talk show a week before the election saying the same thing, but I was ignored or my opinon "sneered at". No more now. The focus now is on the future, and this Reuters report is calling it right .... Trump win puts U.S.-Russia hostility on hold - but for how long? (Reuters). U.S. - Russian hostility will calm down if the issue of Ukraine and sanctions are resolved .... if not .... this truce will end quickly, and it will be back to the status quo of the past 2 years.

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