Thursday, November 17, 2016

When Will Russian President Putin And Soon To Be U.S. President Trump Meet?

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump © Sergei Karpukhin, Carlo Allegri / Reuters

RT: Putin & Trump discussed post-inauguration meeting, but no date set – Kremlin

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has discussed a future meeting with the US President-elect Donald Trump, but no exact date was appointed, the Kremlin said, rebutting media reports the two are already set for a tête-à-tête in January.

“It is true that during a [phone] conversation they talked about intentions to resume contacts, to arrange a meeting, but it has not been mentioned when this will happen,” Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

Putin and Trump might meet after the latter's inauguration, but there is not even an estimated date, the Kremlin spokesman added, disconfirming media gossip on the matter. Peskov added that any official meeting before Trump is sworn-in had not been discussed at all.

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WNU Editor: I am sure that .... aside from the phone calls .... they will meet sooner rather than later. Interestingly .... I can tell by listening and watching Russian media that the Kremlin is no longer interested in having dialogue with President Obama.


Miguel LM said...

ICC ICC ICC the russians are leaving. WHY?

...we all know the answer, strange that you didnt mentioned anything, no comment on such important topic

B.Poster said...


Not sure what you are talking about with regards to the ICC. If you mean the court, it is no wonder someone would leave. This court is a complete and total farce. There's no reason for anyone to submit to such farces and miscarriages of justice that is routinely meted out by such "international" bodies.

Now as for the meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin there is obviously no rush for the Russians to do this. The Americans need Russian assistance far more than Russia needs to assist America. For team Trump, improving relations with Russia needs to be the top priority. This does NOT mean we necessarily cave to anything and every thing they want but certain concessions will need to be made.

Miguel LM said...

If the ICC seat is a farce so the seat at the UN is also a farce. And i agree, Russia should have been kicked from both long time ago. They are a Mafia style country, a terrorist state, a corrupt state (like so many others in this domain)

I dont care who needs who but your text is priceless:

The US need Russia assistance far more than Russia needs to assist America. Big roftl

In which planet do you get these inputs? Do you know the trade balance between the 2? Do you know the Military Power of the 2?

I dont get it, where the US needs help from Russia?