Monday, November 14, 2016

Where Are Iraq's Islamic State Prisoners?

Iraqi soldiers gather to go battle against Islamic State militants south of Mosul , Iraq, June 15, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer

Nancy Youssef, Daily Beast: U.S. Can’t Find ISIS Prisoners

Captured ISIS fighters should be an invaluable source of intelligence in the fight for the terror group’s Iraqi capital. But U.S. forces have only questioned ‘a handful’ of them.

It’s the most important battle in the war against the self-proclaimed Islamic State to date: the fight to retake Mosul, the terror group’s Iraqi capital. But so far, the U.S. military does not know how many ISIS fighters have been taken prisoner, a senior defense official explained to The Daily Beast.

Iraq’s security forces have allowed the U.S. military to interview fewer than “a handful” of detained fighters under Iraqi control since the Mosul offensive began in mid-October, a U.S. defense official told The Daily Beast. The official could not say if any of those detainees were captured before the Mosul offensive, or after it began.

“We do occasionally get access to detainees that the Iraqis capture,” a second defense official said. “But it’s rare.”

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WNU Editor: I guess many within the Islamic State know that if they are captured .... they will be executed .... so why surrender. The same for the Iraqi Army .... surrender means execution .... so why surrender. This is a testament on how brutal the fight for Mosul has become, and I suspect that when it is finally over .... there will not be many Islamic State fighters left alive to provide any valuable information to American intelligence.


C-Low said...

I don't blame them, what is the US interrogators going to do ask really loudly or maybe write a very stiffly worded request? Sadly this probably falls under what they don't know wont hurt them category.

O made sure very early on to end the US forceful interrogation techniques that were really no more than mind games with some non permanent really just mental physical torture. Even the most evil of them all the waterboarding is really just a mind f*ck tricking the mind into believing the body is drowning (which it is not).

I imagine wherever the Iraqis are taking those prisoners are not very nice and using some very real very permanent physical torture techniques. Iraqis love to use drills, not pretty.

B.Poster said...

I'm pretty sure Iraqi methods are far more effective than ours as well. Frankly to tell the Americans where these people are or to have US agents interrogate them would have no utility and might even have negative utility.

This is a very tough enemy and it's goung to take a long and concerted effort to defeat them. US interrogators have very little to offer here. Interrogating men like these and extracting useful information from them requires a certain toughness, intestinal forttitude, and intelligence that US officials like.

If we MUST help in ths battle for Mosul, leave the interrogations to the Iraqis. ghey have a willingness and ability to get tough that we lack along with skilks at interrogation that our personnel lack.

Additionally America exists under a very large and generally hostile media environment, As such, its going to be best to have these interrogations done as far away from the Americans as possible. If the interrogations yield anything useful and our help is required, rest assured the Iraqis will let us know. I'm sure this is not pretty at all.

Hans Persson said...

Who else here have seen those vids posted on twitter where these "special forces" torture and kills children? For example the one where they toss a 13 year old boy infront of an Abrams tracks and then run him over? Where are the media on this??