Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Who Were The Big Losers In Last Night's U.S. Election

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, with her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, (L), and her Vice-President running mate Tim Kaiine (R), listen to her concession speech to President-elect Donald Trump in New York, U.S., November 9, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

WNU Editor: To begin .... the biggest loser by far is Hillary Clinton. She has spent much of her life in politics, and as we learned in 2008 she wanted the Presidency. This has to be an enormous disappointment for her .... and I cannot imagine what she must be going through right now. Will she continue in politics .... I do not know. But after what she gone through in the past 30+ years .... I doubt that she will become a public figure after all of this.

Bill Clinton. He has supported her, and he has given his best. And while there were moments when I wondered if his heart was in this campaign .... when he needed to step up he did .... and for that he deserves credit.

The Democrat Party. This was a terrible hit .... their agenda and policies were rejected in this election. White voters .... especially the working class .... have made it clear that they feel alienated from the Democrat Party, and they responded at the ballot box. To get this voting bloc back is going to be a struggle for the Democrat Party .... and they will have to compromise on some of their cherish principles (open borders/the role of government/etc.). Will they do this .... I doubt it. But they will be addressing and debating it in the coming months and years ... which I predict will be very contentious.

President Obama: He was not on the ballot .... but he was certainly an issue. His appeal to his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton was not heard .... and now much of his legacy is at the precipice of being discarded. In the coming months and years I will not be surprised if he continues to be active in politics, and I can make this prediction now .... he will be a darling of the main stream media to give voice to the opposition to President-elect Donald Trump in the months and years to come.

Republican Party establishment: Have they ever been discredited in this election cycle. For years the Republican establishment have always pushed the narrative that they can never win an election by promoting the principles of conservatism of the base. No more now .... Donald Trump did not create this ideology and sentiment, but he knew how to tap into it .... and they gave him their votes last night and his victory. And for those Republicans who openly voiced their opposition to Donald Trump .... like Republican Senate candidate Joe Heck in Nevada .... they were defeated not by their Democrat opponent, but by Republicans who (in this case) decided to not vote for him.

Main Stream media and the pundit class: Did they cover and call this election wrong. Their biases have been exposed, and it is going to take a while before this is forgotten, and their credibility (or at least some of it) has been restored.

The Pollsters: One can now say with confidence that polls can never be trusted. This reminds me of 1980 when the pollsters were predicting a Jimmy Carter landslide against Ronald Reagan .... and when that did not happen it took years for them to gain their credibility back.

Special Interest Groups: For those who support "free trade", environmental regulation, the growing role of government, open borders and immigration, an activist Supreme Court, etc. .... their hopes are dead (for now).

Foreign Leaders who supported Hillary Clinton or who criticised Donald Trump: More on this later .... but for many world leaders who wanted Hillary Clinton, this is a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

Just like Brexit, people really don't like being told by outsiders how they should vote.

Anonymous said...

Also, the Syrian rebels trapped in East better hope you get another offer to leave.

Hans Persson said...

Obama isnt out of office yet..

rjbrash said...

The next two years will be important. The repubs have a history of botching things. If they do, a jackass sweep of congress is possible in the midterms. Also, progressives plan long term. They will be back.

Andrew Jackson said...

Democrats do not treat losers well,ask Dukakis and Gore. Killary is so over!

fred lapides said...

Predictions, as we recently found out, not to be trusted. It might be that our nation or even the world a big loser if climate treaty and nuke deal with Iran removed. On the other hand, job creation with huge wall across our southern border, more coal mining in W.Va and Pa.
We will soon see