Thursday, November 3, 2016

World News Briefs -- November 3, 2016

Military vehicles of Iraqi army take part in an operation against Islamic State militants in Qaraqosh, near Mosul, Iraq, November 2, 2016. REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani

Reuters: Islamic State leader says 'no retreat' from Mosul assault

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told his followers on Thursday there could be no retreat in a "total war" against the forces arrayed against them, as advancing soldiers battled the militants inside their northern Iraqi stronghold.

Expressing confidence that his Islamic State fighters would prevail against Shi'ite Islam, Western "crusaders" and the Sunni "apostate" countries of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Baghdadi called on the jihadists fighting in the city of Mosul to "wreak havoc".

"This raging battle and total war, and the great jihad that the state of Islam is fighting today only increases our firm belief, God willing, and our conviction that all this is a prelude to victory," Baghdadi said in an audio recording released online by supporters on Thursday.

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ISIS leader releases rare audio message as Iraqi troops enter Mosul.

Rebel groups clash with each other in Syria's Aleppo.

Syria conflict: Attack on government-held Aleppo 'kills 12'.

Yemen: Thousands protest UN envoy's peace plan.

Lebanon President asks Saudi-allied Hariri to form new cabinet. Lebanon's Hariri to form government, but path tough.

Iranians mark anniversary of US embassy takeover in Tehran.

Iranian Ayatollah: American leaders 'dishonest, unreliable, deceptive backstabbers'.


2 U.S. troops killed fighting Taliban in Afghanistan; civilians hit by airstrike. Dozens of Afghan civilians, two U.S. service members killed in clashes in north. Afghan civilians killed in NATO air strike in Kunduz.

Philippine Muslim rebel leader meets Duterte. Philippine president meets rebel leader after arrest warrant lifted.

Pakistan accuses India of running Islamabad 'spy ring'. Eight Indian 'diplomats' involved in subversive activities in Pakistan: Pakistan Foreign Office.

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif denies corruption allegations.

Kyrgyz leader's party forges new parliamentary coalition.

Myanmar arms non-Muslim civilians in Rakhine.

Almost 20 killed as two passenger trains collide in Pakistan.

South Korea scandal: President Park's friend Choi arrested.


US Marines in new helicopter strikes in Libya.

At least 239 migrants believed drowned in Mediterranean, U.N. says.

Militants attack oil pipeline in Niger Delta.

Violence and political pressure anger Nigeria's Shi'ites.

Egypt allows its currency to float freely. Egypt Central Bank devalues currency by 48 percent.

Police beat Kenyan anti-graft protesters, fire tear gas: witness.

South African opposition to push for President's removal.


UK court says Brexit needs parliament's approval, complicates government plans.

Italy abused migrants' rights due to EU pressure, Amnesty says.

After Calais, France prepares to clear migrant camp in Paris.

Bank of England sees sharp rise in inflation in 2017.

Turkey's Erdogan calls Germany a haven for terrorists. Turkey slams Germany, accuses it of supporting terrorism.

Ukraine hackers claim huge Kremlin email breach.

US actor Steven Seagal given Russian citizenship by Putin.


'The fate of the republic rests on your shoulders': Obama delivers impassioned plea to America to reject Trump.

Trump tries to focus in the final stretch.

Maduro threatens to imprison Venezuela opposition for advocating demonstrations.

Venezuela military to distribute medicine to hospitals.

Venezuelan president's relatives face federal drug charges in New York.

El Salvador ex-leader Elias Antonio Saca's home searched.

Snowden calls for Montreal police chief to resign. ‘Flabbergasted’: 6 Canadian reporters stunned to learn their phones were tracked by police.


Activists slam Guantanamo for holding inmates on 'hearsay'.

German terror police 'foil second ISIS airport attack plot' in under a month as Syrian refugee, 27, is arrested in Berlin.

Islamic State recognizes oath of allegiance from jihadists in Mali.


Facebook warns advertising revenue growth will slow.

China, Russia team up to build long-haul jet.

Google formally rejects EU antitrust charges.

Gawker settles Hulk Hogan privacy case for $31m.

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