Sunday, January 29, 2017

President Trump's Critics Still Do Not Know How To Deal With Him

CBS 60 Minutes

Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal: Trump Tries to Build a ‘Different Party’

The Democrats have no playbook for dealing with a Republican who’s a populist.

More important still—the most important moment of the first week—was the meeting with union leaders. Mr. Trump gave them almost an hour and a half. “The president treated us with respect, not only our organization but our members,” said Terry O’Sullivan, general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, by telephone. Liuna had not endorsed Trump in the campaign, but Mr. O’Sullivan saw the meeting’s timing as an expression of respect: “He’s inaugurated on Friday and we’re invited in Monday to have a substantial conversation.” The entire Trump top staff was there, including the vice president: “His whole team—we were very impressed.” They talked infrastructure, trade and energy. “The whole meeting was about middle class jobs, how do we create more?” Mr. O’Sullivan believes the Keystone pipeline will eventually generate more than 40,000 jobs. Mr. O’Sullivan said he hopes fixing “our crumbling transportation infrastructure” will be “the largest jobs program in the country.”

... It’s a mistake for observers in Washington and New York to fixate on Mr. Trump’s daily faux pas at the expense of the political meaning of what he’s doing. He’s changing the face of the GOP. It is a mistake, too, to see Mr. Trump’s tweet on how Chicago had better solve its problem with violent crime or he’ll “send in the Feds,” as merely stupid—just a tweet that raises the question “What does ‘send in the Feds’ mean?” If you’re a parent in a tough Chicago neighborhood, you’d be heartened to think the feds might help. You’d be happy the president noticed. You’d say, “Go, Trump!”
And here is the important political point: Democrats don’t have a playbook for this. They have a playbook to use against normal Republicans: You’re cold, greedy, racist, sexist elitists who hate the little guy.

They don’t have a playbook to use against a political figure like Mr. Trump yet, because he jumbles all the categories. Democrats will wobble around, see what works. For now they’ll stick with saying he’s scary, unstable, right-wing.

WNU Editor: The article is behind a paywall, but I took out the relevant parts. Peggy Noonan is onto something .... something that Trump's critics have not (or are incapable of) seeing. And while the media coverage has been overwhelmingly negative .... his approval numbers are high ....  Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 59% Approval on January 26 (Rasmussen Reports)

Update: I forgot about this story .... but where was the outrage when President Obama refused to issue visas to Iraqis for 6 months .... "Muslim ban" hypocrisy: Left quiet when Obama also halted visas (Herald Sun).


Jay Farquharson said...


Peggy Noonan, really?


Maybe quote Judith Miller instead,

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fred lapides said...

I would never use Rasmussen for any polling...they consistently give results favoring the Right, no matter what just about all other professional polls give.
As for Peggy: The Dems will quickly learn how to deal with Trump, faster I think, than the GOP. But the American public seems already dealing with him in his first 9 days in office.