Monday, February 27, 2017

A New President For Cuba In 2018

Miguel Diaz-Canel with Cuban President Raoul castro. Foto Desmond Boylan/Reuters/Público

Miami Herald: The countdown begins for Raúl Castro’s retirement in 2018

A year from now — on Feb. 24 — something is expected to occur in Cuba that hasn’t happened in more than 40 years: a non-Castro will occupy the presidency.

The coming year will be one of definitions in Cuba. But right now there is only uncertainty — not only about how the transition will proceed but also about the future of Cuba’s relationship with the United States with President Donald Trump at the helm.

In 2013, Raúl Castro told Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power, the parliament, that he planned to retire from the presidency of the Council of State and the Council of Ministers on Feb. 24, 2018. His heir apparent became Miguel Díaz-Canel, a party stalwart who at the time was promoted to first vice president of both councils.

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WNU Editor: As I had predicted 4 years ago .... Miguel Díaz-Canel will be the next President of Cuba .... Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba’s New No. 2, Respected As Smart And Personable -- McClatchy News (Febraury 25, 2017). More here .... Miguel Diaz-Canel Will Be The Next President Of Cuba After Raul Castro Steps Down (November 29, 2016). But will Cuba change .... the answer is no. Raoul Castro will still be head of the Communist Party .... and the leadership of that  institution is packed with Castro ideologues and supporters. For Cuba to really and truly change .... Raoul Castro has to pass away, and Miguel Díaz-Canel .... if he is the reformer that many are telling me that he is .... will need a couple of years to pack the Communist Party with his own people. I give 10 years .... and after that .... maybe .... just maybe .... Cuba will change for the better.

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Aizino Smith said...

Why not nominate Young Communist?

- He believes.

- He knows communism forwards and backwards.

- He is available. He probably lives with his mother.

Of course by 2018 Maduro might new a new job, so YC might have to wait his turn.