Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Editor's Note

WNU Editor: For those who may not know .... I have been involved in a web project for the past 15 years (it has nothing to do with politics/wars/diplomacy/etc.). This afternoon we had a lot of problems that required my attention, and it was because of this .... It’s not just you: Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast (BGR). More here .... No, you're not crazy. Part of the internet broke (CNET). War News Updates has not been impacted .... it is on Google's "Blogger" platform .... but my other web site was. Everything seems to be back to normal .... and if there are no more problems my plan is to be back to blogging in the next hour or two.

Update: Amazon server outage affects millions of companies and causes online chaos (News.com.au)