Monday, February 20, 2017

Four Russian Servicemen Killed By An IED Blast In Syria

© Russian Defense Ministry's press service/TASS

RT: 4 Russian servicemen killed in car blast in Syria – MoD

Four Russian servicemen were killed in Syria on February 16, when a radio controlled bomb targeting a Syrian military convoy exploded, the Russian Defense Ministry has said in a statement.

Two other Russian servicemen were injured in the blast, the Ministry added.

The vehicle had been part of a Syrian Army convoy traveling to the city of Homs from the Tiyas airfield in central Syria’s Homs Province.

Russian military advisers were in the car when it blew up, according to the ministry’s statement.

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Update #1: Four Russian servicemen killed in car blast in Syria (TASS)
Update #2: Russia says four soldiers killed in Syria: agencies (Reuters)
Update #3: Russia says 4 of its soldiers die in Syria roadside bombing (AP)

WNU Editor: This was (and still is) the scourge for U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan .... and now the Russian military is getting a taste of it.

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