Sunday, February 5, 2017

German Chancellor Merkel's Is Facing Sinking Poll Numbers

Reuters: Poll gap between Merkel's conservatives, Social Democrats shrinks to 4 points

BERLIN (Reuters) - The lead in voter support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative alliance over the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) shrank to a multi-year low of 4 percentage points, an opinion poll showed on Sunday.

The SPD, which a week ago appointed Martin Schulz as leader, scored 29 percent in the survey published in newspaper Bild am Sonntag - a six-point jump that Bild said was the biggest pollster Emnid had ever recorded for the party.

The jump took SPD support to its highest in over four years.

Support for Merkel's CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, fell 4 points to 33 percent - cutting the gap between the two blocs to its narrowest in records compiled by poll tracker going back to Sept 2013.

"Martin Schulz is managing above all to win back former SPD voters and to appeal to them emotionally," Emnid's Torsten Schneider-Haase told the newspaper, adding: "Such a strong shift in party preferences within a week is a one-off."

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Update: Angel Merkel opponents record biggest rise in popularity in polling company's history (Independent)

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WNU Editor: My German friends are all telling me the same thing .... her poll numbers are definitely sinking, but a bigger problem for her is that many in her base do not feel motivated to even go to the polls to vote for her. The reason for this lack of enthusiasm .... Merkel's policy of open borders.

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