Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is Social Media Politicising The U.S. Military?

Bryan Bender, Politico: Twitter and Facebook are politicizing the military

A Pentagon survey finds alarming numbers of officers sharing politically charged opinions on social media, researchers say. They say public trust in the military could be at stake.

Social media’s angry partisan divides are seeping into the U.S. military, raising fears that the tradition of political neutrality in the armed services is eroding on sites like Twitter and Facebook, according to a first-of-its-kind Pentagon survey shared with POLITICO.

The survey, of more than 500 West Point cadets and active-duty officers, is prompting calls for commanders up and down the ranks to reemphasize how impartiality is a major reason why the military regularly polls as the most respected institution in the country.

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WNU Editor: Welcome to the new world. Politicians have gone out of the way to social engineer the military .... and now we are reaping the world-wind.

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