Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is Trump A Russian Mole?

Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest: Trump Isn’t Sounding Like a Russian Mole

Trump’s core global strategy is intended to destroy any illusions in Moscow that Russia is a peer competitor of Washington’s.

With his latest effusive remarks to Reuters on the importance of expanding the U.S. nuclear arsenal, President Donald Trump has sent the press into a panic once again.

What the press has largely ignored about Trump’s latest pronouncement is an obvious truth that undermines its own narrative: someone who was safely in Vladimir Putin’s pocket wouldn’t run around saying things like this. While liberal America may have forgotten recent history, Russia certainly hasn’t: provoking a nuclear arms race with an outclassed, economically weak Soviet Union was Ronald Reagan’s winning strategy in the 1980s. Tech and wealth are two key American advantages over Russia now as they were over the Soviet Union then; Trump’s message here is that he intends to follow in Reagan’s footsteps to use these strengths to advance American power, with the inevitable result of marginalizing one of Russia’s primary sources of power and prestige. Putin’s ramshackle Russia is no more capable of matching an American nuclear buildup than Brezhnev’s sclerotic Soviet Union could keep up with the United States—and Putin knows it.

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WNU Editor: President Trump is no Russian mole .... far from it. But for the main stream media, Democrats, and many Republicans who oppose President Trump .... it is a story that keeps on making the front page  .... even though no one has made the case (let alone provide evidence) .... that President Trump is in cahoots with the Russians, and that they helped him to win the Presidency. As for President Trump himself .... news stories on his alleged Russian ties is just "red meat" for him to give to his supporters on how the media is unjustly treating him.

In the meantime .... the Russians are readjusting their expectations of a closer relationship with the US .... Donald Trump: Post-election euphoria in Russia begins to fade (ABC News Online).

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