Monday, February 20, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 202, 2017

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DW: Arms trade hits highest level since Cold War: study

Demand from the Middle East and Asia has driven the transfer of arms to its highest level in decades, a study shows. The US and Russia produced more than half of the world's arms in the past five years, it says.

The worldwide arms trade rose to its highest level since the Cold War in the five years between 2012 and 2016, according to a study by a Swedish-based research institute released on Monday.

The volume of world arms trading increased by 8.4 percent compared with the 2007-2011 period, the study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 202, 2017

U.S., Russia Top List Of Global Arms Exporters -- RFE

Global arms trade highest since Cold War era with US and Russia top exporters -- IBTimes

US, Russia World's Largest Exporters of Weapons in 2012-2016, Study Shows -- Sputnik

Global arms sales surge driven by Middle East demand -- Al Jazeera

Saudi arms imports triple amid Yemen campaign, US & Europe top suppliers to Mid East – report -- RT

India is world’s largest arms importer: SIPRI --

Russia's Next Gen S-500 Prototype Launch Date Announced -- Sputnik

Russia’s new ICBMs can ‘rip apart’ US anti-missile systems – Deputy PM Rogozin -- RT

Russian ammo maker to develop AI-based grenade launcher munitions -- TASS

Russia holds talks on sales of T-90-MS tanks to Middle East states -- TASS

Russia, Turkey Negotiating Deal on S-400 Missile Systems Purchase -- Sputnik

US intel ‘routinely taps Russian ambassador’s communications’ – Lavrov -- RT

The U.S. Military's Next Big Worry: Invisible Russian Soldiers? -- Michael Peck, National Interest

NATO: Russia targeted German army with fake news campaign -- DW

NATO Officials Say Russian 'Fake News' Seeks to Undermine Alliance -- VOA

Iran launches 'advanced' rockets during military exercises -- AP

Underwater drones, border sensors are growth areas for Gulf nations -- Defense News

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se (File)South Korea Warns NK’s Nuclear Status Will be Solid in a Few Years -- Sputnik

Chinese fear US military 'tightening the encirclement' of their country -- RT

China's military is approaching 'near parity' with the West -- Business Insider

China Holds Massive Military Rallies in Xinjiang After Spate of Violence -- Sputnik

Philippine army to create task force to chase big drug syndicates -- Reuters

India's Real Military Problem (And It's Not Pakistan or China) -- Daniel darling, National Interest

Afghan training goes back to basics as Trump faces U.S. troop decision -- Reuters

U.S. Navy deploys aircraft carrier to South China Sea -- UPI

US Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Patrolling S. China Sea -- AFP

US to deploy 1000 troops to Poland -- DW

The M4 Carbine: The Gun the U.S. Army Can't Do Without -- National Interest

SSP’s Benedict: Time to Start Thinking About the Next SLBM -- Sea Power

Air Force official cautions against increasing F-35 buy rate -- Defense News

Trump Meets Finalists; May Expand Search For National Security Adviser -- NPR

U.S. defense secretary scraps Afghan trip due to weather -- Reuters

Mattis to decide soon on troop levels in Afghanistan -- AP

Defense Secretary Mattis disagrees with Trump, says he does not see media as the enemy -- Virginia Pilot/Washington Post

Mattis on rise in Trump administration -- The Hill

Spiraling internal costs threaten to make U.S. military a 'hollow force' -- UPI

Navy gives fleet commanders more control over who gets training — and when -- Navy Times

Flynn leaks ignite surveillance debate -- The Hill

The Former Secretary of Defense Outlines the Future of Warfare -- WIRED

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