Monday, February 27, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 27, 2017

Military vehicles carry DF-16 ballistic missiles in Tiananmen Square last September. Photo: Imaginechina

South China Morning Post: China needs to ramp up defence spending amid overhaul of military, say Chinese analysts

Costs of reforms and increasing threats overseas justify higher spending, say Chinese observers, amid concerns among China’s neighbours over its military build-up

Chinese military experts say Beijing needs to resume double-digit increases in defence spending in the coming year to meet the increasing challenges facing the nation’s military at home and abroad.

The country’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress, is due to announce this year’s budget for the People’s Liberation Army next week.

The congress announced defence expenditure of 954 billion yuan (US$138.6 billion) in 2016. That amounted to 7.6 per cent growth on the previous year, the first single-digit increase since 2010, surprising many ­Chinese military watchers.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 27, 2017

Wary of Trump unpredictability, China ramps up naval abilities -- Reuters

Pentagon: More to North Korea military than missiles, nukes -- Asia Times

Last chance to improve Afghanistan’s fledgling Air Force? -- The Hill

Can Surface-to-Air Missiles Replace Fighters in Southeast Asia? -- The Diplomat

U.S. changes rules of engagement for Mosul fight in Iraq -- AP

Air Force general backs further talks between US, Russia on air safety in Syria -- The Hill

Russia's Syria Campaign Boosted Worldwide Sales of Russian Arms -- Sputnik

Putin: Russia's military base in Tajikistan to ensure security of border with Afghanistan -- TASS

On Alert: Crimea to Get BUK Missile Systems -- Sputnik

Russia’s defense ministry confirms dispatch of advanced frigate to Mediterranean Sea -- TASS

Russia's Nuclear Missile 'Death Train' Arriving in 2019 -- National Interest

Defense Ministry confirms Iran successfully test-fires sea-launched cruise missile -- TASS

Indian Armed forces conduct month-long exercise to test combat readiness to deal with any possible threat -- Times of India

Australia, Indonesia to restore military ties in wake of talks between Turnbull and Widodo -- ABC News Online

Don’t Expect a New NATO Strategic Concept Any Time Soon -- Stanley R. Sloan, RCD/Atlantic Council

US, Canada Eye Ways to Counter Cruise Missile Attacks -- Defense Tech

Army Ground-Launched Missile hits 500 km-2027 -- Scout Warrior

Trump to Ask for Sharp Increases in Military Spending, Officials Say -- New York Times

Congress awaits new defense budget request -- The Hill

Trump threats to New START could imperil nuclear modernization programs -- Defense News

Air Force anticipates F-35 deployment to Middle East in 'not too distant future' -- Defense News

Top general: Today's Air Force 'smallest we've ever been' -- The Hill

Navy Wants Non-Earmarked Money for New Technology -- Defense Tech

A 308-ship Navy to cost $566 billion, CBO estimates -- Navy Times

Navy’s 355-Ship Fleet Goal Would Cost $25 Billion Per Year -- DoD Buzz

Navy Secretary Nominee Withdraws, Citing Ethics Rules --

Major Changes Coming for Marine Corps Elite Scout Snipers -- RCD

Cyber isn’t all that special, says NSA chief -- C4ISRNet

Father of SEAL slain in Yemen calls for investigation -- AFP

Judge won't dismiss Bergdahl case over Trump comments -- The Hill

Weapons of the Future: Can Robots Replace Humans on the Battlefield? -- Sputnik

The Key to Military Innovation: Our nation’s defense depends on how technology – not which technology – is used. -- Chuck Wald and Joe Mariani, US News and World Report

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