Monday, February 27, 2017

President Trump Is Proposing A 10% Increase In Defense Spending

Washington Post: Trump to propose 10 percent spike in defense spending, massive cuts to other agencies

President Trump will propose a federal budget that dramatically increases defense-related spending by $54 billion while cutting other federal agencies by the same amount, according to an administration official.

The proposal represents a massive increase in federal spending related to national security, while other priorities, especially foreign aid, will see significant reductions.

According to the White House, the defense budget will increase by 10 percent. But without providing any specifics, the administration said that most other discretionary spending programs will be slashed to pay for it. Officials singled out foreign aid, one of the smallest parts of the federal budget, saying it would see “large reductions” in spending.

It is the first indication of spending priorities by the new administration, with the president set to arrive on Capitol Hill Tuesday night for a joint session speech to Congress. But the full budget negotiations between Trump and Congress will not be complete for many months.

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WNU Editor: I am surprised by this number. This is an increase far beyond what I had expected. Congress will still have to sign onto it .... and there are many variables that may change this final number. But what bothers me is that before committing to such a massive increase .... a debate on what should be America's national security priorities and focus should be done first .... and after that a discussion on how make a budget that will reflect these priorities. Stating a budget number .... and then go about blindly meeting it .... is what has been done in the past .... and it has not helped U.S. security nor has it helped America's finances.

On a side note .... expect concerns on this 10% defense budget increase from Moscow and Beijing being voiced in the coming day or two.

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Ron said...

Always negotiating.

Open with a high opening bid, and settle on something agreeable.

It's in the Art of the Deal

Aizino Smith said...

A civil engineer once told me he made an offer to do work at an airport in the Midwest.

His 1st offer was accepted without hesitation and in that moment he knew he had undersold his services.

Open high and haggle.

Jac said...

James Mattis has already said that the first thing to do is to fix what it is already existing in a bad shape and that's urgent. (just an example: 2/3 of our F/A 18 cannot fly because lack of maintenance because lack of money. That's make some aircraft carrier useless)