Tuesday, February 28, 2017

President Trump Will Not Fill 600 "Unnecessary" Appointed Positions

FOX News: Trump: No plans to fill 'unnecessary' appointed positions

President Trump agrees the government glass is half empty. He just doesn’t necessarily mind it.

Trump, in an exclusive interview Tuesday with “Fox & Friends,” suggested his lack of political appointees is less about a difficulty in finding eager candidates and more about a desire for a leaner government operation.

“When I see a story about ‘Donald Trump didn’t fill hundreds and hundreds of jobs,’ it’s because, in many cases, we don’t want to fill those jobs,” Trump said.

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WNU Editor: I hope these are just political positions .... and according to reports they are. But it is hilarious to look at the reporter's faces when President Trump responded that he sees no need to fill "unnecessary" appointed positions. Is this a smart move .... probably not. These are positions where you need to put your loyalists in .... and President Trump looks like someone who needs supporters in the executive. But .... he is also acting on his promises on not growing government when you do not have to .... and for that I have to give him credit.


fred lapides said...

To replace X appointments with Y people is not growing govt...it is making it the same as it had been. To add XXX to what X had done is to grow govt. To eliminate X is to shrink govt. That shrinking assumes that X was not needed or that others will pick up what X had been doing, though "others" might decide not to do what they had not been doing previously or to do it in a very casual way.

fazman said...

Yep, hes making America a lean, mean.fighting machine.

Anonymous said...

You are making my brain hurt...do you write questions for the SAT exam?

B.Poster said...

If he's going to make America into a "lean, nean fighting machine", he's going to have to do allot more than simply not filling 600 or so government positions.

Jay Farquharson said...



B.Poster said...


Thanks for the link. If only ridiculous environmental regulations had been eliminated or streamlined, many years ago this land would have been cleaned up and made productive long ago.

Most Americans hope against hope that Canada will invade America and conquer it. Since Americans for the most part worship Canada and Canadians including their leaders Americans will welcome and worship their Canadian masters with open arms.

When Donald Trump spoke tonight he hoped against hope that Justin Trudeau would accept him as as a secondary. Since Canada has never accepted America as an equal or even as anything they even respect, he had no hope this would ever happen but he tried nonetheless as Americans have benn tring for over 100 years to get Canadians to respect us.

With that said the conclusion is still the same. The mere cutting of 600 or so government bureaucrats isn't going to make America into a "lean mean fighting machine." Far from some type of tough figting machine the American military would be hard pressed to defend the American mainland should it's enemies choose to invade.

fazman said...

Lean mean fighting machine with cutting all unnessecary exoenditure left right and centre, and giving the pentagon a green light and cheque that t
hey havent seen in decades . Combine that with generals as advisors and a fuck you attitude then yep, sorry to dissapoint you B Poster but the u.s could already smash russia and iran combined in any feesible scenario and the scales are going to tip heavily in the u.s favour.
If the u.s is pressedto defend thr mainland then russia sure as hell couldnt without bankrupting itself .

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