Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Report: North Korean Leader Ordered The Death Of His Half-Brother When He Learned That He Was Offered A Deal To Serve As Head Of A Government-In Exile

The Korea Times: Kim Jong-nam had offer to lead N. Korea's government-in-exile

North Korean defectors in Europe and the United States had offered Kim Jong-nam to serve as head of a government-in-exile, if one had been established, but he rejected the offer, according to sources, Tuesday.

"He was concerned that accepting such an offer may not help end hereditary succession of power in the repressive regime," a source said.

The source said Kim's paternal half-brother and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may have ordered his death with suspicions that he may join the government-in-exile aimed at eventually overthrowing the regime.

One of the defectors' groups that made the proposals included International North Korean Association for Human Rights and Democracy in London.

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Update #1: Kim Jong Un's half-brother reportedly asked to serve as head of government-in-exile (FOX News)
Update #2: Kim Jong Nam: Why would North Korea want him dead? (James Griffiths, CNN)

WNU Editor: This is the best reason that I have heard so far on why Kim Jong-nam was assassinated.


James said...

I've heard that Kim Jong-nam knew too much of the finances of his half brother and was reputed to have been considering talking. In the end I don't think it matters for I think Jong-un has lost it to deep paranoia. He's killed too may people close to himself and sees death in every shadow.

B.Poster said...

If he sees death in every "shawdow", eventually he will meet his death and it will not be at a ripe old age surrounded by loved ones and in peace. All will reap what they sew. His will be viloent and painful. Most likely it will come by the hands of the Russians or the Chinese. Of course it could come by a member of his own family. Tnen again, it could come at the hands of the "keystone cops" and incompetent boobs of America"s CIA.

Should such idiots somehow pull this off it'd probably make WWIII hot before the major world powers of Russia and China want it to go hot. If it went hot now, they would probably win but it'd be more costly than they'd like.

As such, any and all US "Intelligence" idiots are probably being watched closely by the top world powers of Russia and China with the idea that they'll be taken out instantly should they actually figure out what's going on.

Of course if the Russians and the Chinese really want to humiliate the North Korean leader, they could make him believe the idiot Amercans were responsible for his demise right before he enters into eternity. Such a thing might defuse Cold War II. Of course to get there will require concessions to Russia and China.

In the case of Russia, Crimea is Russian, will always be Russian, and act accordingly. In the case of China, it is the dominant power in the south China sea. There is nothing America can do to alter this. Understand reality and one can achieve good outcomes when they act accordingly. Failure to recognize reality and act accordingly can only have a bad ending.

James said...

In the end it'll most likely be a case of "get him before he gets me".

Andrew Summers said...

You would think the North Korean leader would be smart enough to know what goes around comes around like you said you reap what you sow... it's too late for him now but if only he would have went down a better path as opposed to the kill everyone and hope for the best path won't work forever