Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Russia's Defense Minister Tells UK Defense Secretary Fallon: ‘Don’t Tell A Bear What To Do’

RT: ‘Don’t tell a bear what to do’: Russia brushes off UK warning not ‘to stick paws in’ Libya

The Russian defense minister has warned against telling “a bear what to do,” as he was commenting on his British counterpart, describing Russia as “a bear” and saying the West does not need it “sticking its paws in” Libya.

“While on the ‘animal’ topic… What do they [UK] have on their coat of arms? A lion, I guess. There is an old saying: all lions are felines, but not all felines are lions. Let everyone mind their own business. I don’t think that there is an animal in their zoo that can tell a bear what to do,” Sergey Shoigu said while answering questions from students at a conference held by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations on Tuesday.

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B.Poster said...

In it's day, the British Empire was really something. At it's height it controlled 25% of earth's land and 33% of earth's population. This is a level of power and cultural influence that even America, at it's height, never came close to matching.

Unfortunately for the United Kingdom those days are long over. It's probably not going to be good idea for UK leadership to tell anyone what to do, much less Russia. As a washed up has been and never will be again at least not in the short to mid term, the best approach would be for UK leadership to say things like "yes sir", "no sir," and "how may we help you" to countries like Russia or to simply get out of their way.

While having NATO has given countries like the UK some leverage in the sense that they have been able to call on American muscle when they want certain things. America will either be withdrawing from NATO in the next few years or America's relationship to NATO is going to be changing significantly with a major scale back in US commitment to the organization. For a minor country like the UK, it'd probably be an excellent idea to make nice with countries like Russia.

An additional suggestion would be to begin planning for their defense post American involvement in NATO. It's happening and cannot be prevented. The only question is will America's withdrawal or significant scale back from NATO be orderly or disorderly.

Hamilcar Barca said...

What the fox say !

B.Poster said...

Not sure exactly what a fox has to do with any of this. With that said foxes are generally known to be clever and daring creatures. Such a description would not fit any UK leader or even any leader in the US. DJT may almost qualify for daring to state the obvious that America's commitment to NATO may need to change, however, he is stating the obvious and he has, as of yet, not gone nearly far enough.