Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Death Of Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin -- News Roundup

Foreign Policy: Putin’s U.N. Ambassador, America’s ‘Formidable Adversary’, Dead at 64

Vitaly Churkin, Moscow’s U.N. ambassador, died Monday of a possible heart attack in New York at the age of 64, marking an abrupt end to the career of one Russia’s most formidable diplomats, a man simultaneously admired and reviled in U.N. circles as a brilliant tactician and a cynical shill for President Vladimir Putin’s bullying foreign policy.

For more than a decade, Churkin deployed his considerable diplomats skills — and a masterful understanding of the U.N.’s byzantine procedures — to constrain the West’s military power, denouncing interventions from Iraq to Libya, while defending Russia’s own military adventures from Georgia to Crimea and Syria.

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WNU Editor: I first met him when he was the Russian ambassador to Canada .... I needed his help on some business visas. And again when I started to do contract work/translation at the UN in New York City. I did not know him personally .... but from what I understood he was a person who loved foreign affairs/diplomacy/international relations .... and he especially loved the UN and the role that it plays. He spoke fluent English and French (which is rare for a Russian diplomat), but more importantly his mentor was Anatoly Dobrynin .... who helped open many doors for him. His passing away has surprised everyone (myself included). There is now a void in the Russian foreign ministry .... and I can only guess on who will be his replacement.

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James said...

Dobrynin, it's been a long time since I last heard that name.

Unknown said...

I watched his last interview on RT. He made an impression on me on how he was able to keep cool and collected when faced with difficult people. Do you have any recommendations on who else to read up on who was or is in the same line of work?

Andrew Jackson said...

Now he's a good Russian!