Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Next Big Development In Drones Will Be The Deployment Of 'Anti-Drone' Devices

Defense Systems: Mosul battle fuels anti-drone development

Drones are emerging as one of the asymmetrical threats in the battle for Mosul. A series of Islamic State drone attacks on Iraqi forces fighting to retake the northern Iraqi city have resulted in casualties and a heightened state of alert as ISIS fighters supplement deadly car-bomb attacks with harassing drone strikes using off-the-shelf quad-copters rigged to drop munitions.

Those attacks by short-range drones have prompted the U.S. military to step up development of countermeasures along with technical assessments of directed energy technologies, official said.

"We've assisted in the targeting of ISIL's drones, bringing down almost a dozen," Army Col. Brett Sylvia, a U.S. commander in Baghdad, acknowledged in a Jan. 13 briefing with reporters.

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WNU Editor
: The Iraqis want to have want the U.S. already has .... Iraq wants drone killer gun from US to fight weaponized ISIS drones (SOFREP).

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