Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Russian Army Can Defeat The British Army 'In An Afternoon'

T-14 tanks with the Armata Universal Combat Platforms. © SPUTNIK/ EVGENY BIYATOV

Michael Peck, National Interest: Russia Could Defeat the British Army 'In an Afternoon'

Russia could defeat the British Army's single combat-ready division “in an afternoon,” according to a new report from the British military.

“Over by Teatime,” blared the headline in the British tabloid The Sun.

Budget cuts have so depleted the army that it could be destroyed by a “competent enemy” such as Russia, according to excerpts of the report published in the British press.

That ominous conclusion comes from the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR), a British Army think tank run by the Sandhurst military academy. The report was based on a two-day conference of active-duty and retired officers.

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WNU Editor: If such a hypothetical battle occurs in the Baltics .... the answer is yes .... the British Army will be defeated very quickly by Russia. Maybe not in one day .... but the British Army will be outnumbered and outgunned .... with defeat all but guaranteed. If the battle shifts to Britain .... the answer is no. Russia is limited by logistics .... they do not have the means to transport large quantity of soldiers to a battlefield far away from Russia .... such as the U.K..


Hamilcar Barca said...

More evidence that they are fuckt without EU !

Caecus said...

If Russia can defeat the Brits in an afternoon then they can defeat the entire EU also

James said...

"If Russia can defeat the Brits in an afternoon then they can defeat the entire EU also" conventionally with ease.

TWN said...

This is garbage none of the Nuclear Armed nations can truly be defeated, of course both sides would ultimately lose, the Russians are not stupid enough to Attack Britain because of Nuclear Weapons. The Brits will do what ever it takes, in 1940 when the German invasion loomed the Brits prepared to meet it with Poison Gas, even Hitler in 1945, wasn't that fucking nuts. The Russian plan of attack back in the Cold War war to use Nukes in Germany but not Britain or France because they were Nuclear Armed and the Russian hope was that they would not use Nukes in fear of Russian retaliation if they did, they had no intention of going into France or Invading Britain, again because of Nuclear Weapons, and the fact the French and Brits are insane but not insane enough to fight the Russian Army on their terms, it takes a special kind of insane to do that.

James said...

That's why I said conventionally. You can't get the nukes out of the equation (though I believe Putin thinks he has found a way to do that). Otherwise your right.

Anonymous said...

Funny how editor deletes comments that are critical about Russia's overestimated capabilities

Anonymous said...

Russia would not win against the EU in a conventional war, nor in a nuke war..
it should be obvious, but here is why:

a. Russia's GDP is the size of Italy -- the EU dwarfs Russia economically (just Germany's GDP eats up Russia twice)
b. Not only does the EU have own nukes, but also the capability to develop more quite quickly if really needed
c. EU is protected by US interest, even under Trump era
d. EU and US have a -vast- network all over the world that not only helps in early detection (think THAAD), but also in espionage.. while Russia is always assumed to be strong in that field, the EU is overestimating Russia, while Russia is underestimating the EU.. hardly a win for Russia
e. Partners around the world: not even a match.. if some sort of war between Russia and EU would break out, you'll have Iran, China, Syria on one side, with China being smart enough not to get involved, because everyone else is on EU side, including US, Japan - both quite capable partners ;)
f. Russia's vast landmass is great for being big, but BAD for defending.. Russia's population is so sparse you could easily invade.. while yes, the weather and terrain are bad, so are conditions in the east of EU - not that easy to invade though as the EU has many more options at hand for defense
g. An invasion (talking traditional warfare, rather than nukes) would fail badly.. here's why: Logistics and discipline.. not something you'd think of Russia, right? Logistics is a key pillar of any modern military operation and the Russian's suck badly at it.. and discipline.. please..
h. Language.. in the EU there's like what, 26 languages? It makes it difficult to invade a group of nations with that many languages.. bad for intelligence, bad for coordination, bad for getting local "support"/"volunteers"... Russia on the other hand.. only one language.. money.. (not Russian) haha.. and the EU, despite some of its member states problems has still LOTS of money .. much much more than Russia has..

So.. stop this BS of Russia having a chance.. it would be suicidial