Sunday, February 26, 2017

The U.S. Air Force Wants A 6th-Generation Fighter

The Boeing F/A-XX concept design as of 2013. Wikipedia

National Defense: Air Force Leader Wants More Aggressive Push for ‘Sixth-Gen’ Capabilities

The Air Force needs to more aggressively pursue a next-generation platform capable of penetrating deep into hostile airspace, the head of Air Combat Command said Feb. 24.

The primary focus now is on ramping up production of the F-35A joint strike fighter, a fifth-generation aircraft with stealth features and cutting-edge sensors. But the Air Force is already thinking about acquiring a sixth-generation “penetrating counter-air” capability, or PCA, that would have longer range and greater ability to outmatch the most sophisticated enemy air defense systems.

Service leaders aim to have this new technology in the fleet in the 2030s. “We should try to accelerate that left if at all possible,” Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle said at a breakfast with defense reporters in Washington, D.C.

The Air Force should procure more joint strike fighters than planned over the next five years and then pivot to a new system, he said.

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WNU Editor: They want these fighter jets to be flying by 2030.

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