Sunday, February 5, 2017

The U.S. Navy Launches Trucks Off An Aircraft Carrier (Video)

Uproxx: The Navy Is Launching Trucks Off An Aircraft Carrier And It Should Be An Olympic Sport

What do you do when you need to test the jet launching mechanism on an aircraft carrier, but don’t want to put multi-million dollar planes at risk?

Simple, you launch trucks into the ocean and accidentally create an incredibly awesome new sport. Truck launching absolutely belongs in the Olympics. Each country brings an aircraft carrier and tries to fling large vehicles into the ocean. What could possibly go wrong?

Think of it as a sort of military track and field event. Like the shot put or javelin, but way more metal. Or, if you want to require it to be more about precision, put targets in the water and make it truck archery.

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WNU Editor:
These tests were done last summer, but the video is still cool to watch.

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