Thursday, February 16, 2017

Who Ordered The Killing Of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un's Brother Kim Jong-nam?

Aidan Foster-Carter, The Guardian: Kim Jong-nam was assassinated. But was it on his brother’s orders?

Was it Kim Jong-un? Or state security? Did China play a role? The possibilities are myriad in the lurid, murderous world of North Korean power struggles

Another day, another lurid North Korean mystery. Kim Jong-nam – eldest son of Kim Jong-il and half-brother of the current ruler, Kim Jong-un – died on Monday after being attacked at Kuala Lumpur airport as he was about to fly to Macau. One of two female assailants, wearing a LOL T-shirt and a denim miniskirt, fled by taxi; she was reportedly arrested back at the airport today. First accounts said poison needles were used, but the dying Kim told medics a liquid-laced cloth was put over his face from behind. A postmortem is expected today.

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WNU Editor: What's my take on who killed Kim Jong-nam .... in a regime that is as tightly controlled as North Korea .... it has to be the brother.

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