Thursday, February 16, 2017

WikiLeaks Releases Documents That Alleges The CIA Spied On The 2012 French Presidential Election

IBTimes: WikiLeaks Latest Documents: CIA Spied On French Presidents, Political Parties In 2012

Seven documents allegedly show the Central Intelligence Agency spied on all of France’s major political parties in the months leading up to the country’s 2012 presidential election, WikiLeaks revealed Wednesday.

That the United States spied on French and other world leaders is nothing new, but WikiLeaks latest document dump asserts the CIA employed three “tasking orders” to target France’s Union for a Popular Movement, the Socialist Party and the National Front parties.

The report also said current President Francois Hollande, ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy, leading candidate Marine Le Pen, and former candidates Dominique Strauss-Khan and Martine Aubry were each targeted by one of the main U.S. intelligence arms.

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Update: WikiLeaks Releases Documents On Alleged CIA Spying On French Presidential Candidates (Daily Caller).

WNU Editor: The Wikileaks announcement and documents are here. What I find interesting about this story is that in the past such a story would be plastered on every news website .... but today .... no one in the main stream media is covering this story. I guess it conflicts with the current narrative that the Russians are the ones who do all the spying/hacking/etc..


Richard Barber said...

See, I am not sure I concur with that. The US routinely does that stuff and it does not make the news. The involvement of US based NGO's in fomenting the situation in Ukraine got about 3 lines, and in Syria it got 0 lines. Don't forget the aborted "Green Revolution" in Iran.

(from the book Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny)
You remind me of a doctor who, after many years of studying a horrible, disfiguring disease, looks in the mirror one day to find out that he had contracted it. "Ah,"he said, "but on me it looks GOOD."

This is America's attitude toward everything we do. If you do it, it's crime; if we do it, it is justice.

B.Poster said...

I suppose this means either the Russians a.) don't do such spying, b.)Wikileaks is an agent of Russia and they aren't going to release anything embarrassing to their benefactor or c.)the Russians are not so clumsy as to fail to cover their tracks. I think b can be safely dismissed and serious people should not give it much thought. While the accusation has been made, evidence to proof this has not been released that would be anywhere near conclusive. If such evidence existed, I'm sure we would have seen it. Otherwise such people who make this claim need to sit down and shut up and allow serious people to tackle the problems the nation faces.

I think the answer is c. Whatever else the Russians may be there Intelligence Services are arguably the world's best. According to an article the editor linked to Russian leadership suggested intelligence sharing on Islamic terrorists and their supporters.

While there may be some trust issues that would need to be worked out, if I were "western" leaders, I would seriously explore this possibility to share intelligence with them on a common enemy. Unfortunately as the editor puts it this is not going to happen. Sadly he's probably right. In the case of "western" European leaders, their leaders seem wildly unpopular. If so, nationalists are coming to power within the next year or so. A nationalist by their very definition acts in the interests of his or her country.

At least one French "nationalist" has hinted at the futility of sanctions against Russia. Expect the sanctions, at least the French ones, to be lifted when the next leaders take over. As more of the current leadership is replaced, expect European sanctions to be lifted against Russia.

Perhaps saner leaders will open up the door for the kind of serious cooperation with Russia that is truly needed. As for "Western" Europe, it looks like better days may well be ahead. As for the US, the jury is still out on this.

I think we can dismiss a as all major powers engage in spying. It's simply that most are much better at this thing than the CIA and US "Intelligence" services are hence they are always getting caught.

fred lapides said...

WIKI is not longer a trusted source. Simple as that.

RussInSoCal said...

Fred, wikileaks has never published a document that has been proven to be false.

Just a carpenter. said...

Not a word from the Folks at #veryfakenews..

Anonymous said...

lolz, at fred

Jay Farquharson said...

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