Thursday, February 2, 2017

World News Briefs -- February 2, 2017

Reuters: Trump adopts aggressive posture toward Iran after missile launch

The White House put Iran "on notice" on Wednesday for test-firing a ballistic missile and said it was reviewing how to respond, taking an aggressive posture toward Tehran that could raise tensions in the region.

While the exact implications of the U.S. threat were unclear, the new administration signaled that President Donald Trump intended to do more, possibly including imposing new sanctions, to curb what he sees as defiance of a nuclear deal negotiated in 2015 by then-President Barack Obama.

The tough talk commits the administration to back up its rhetoric with action, which could cast doubt on the future of the Iran agreement and sow further uncertainty in an already chaotic Middle East, experts said.

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Syria's Army says it's advancing against Islamic State group.

Syrian army says it will press on against Islamic State near Aleppo.

Idlib's rebel split: A crossroads for Syrian opposition.

Eleven civilians killed in air strikes in Iraq, Syria: U.S. military.

White House warns Iran 'officially on notice' following 'destabilising' ballistic missile test.

Iran dismisses ‘useless’ threats from ‘inexperienced person’. Iran dismisses 'ranting' Trump and vows more missile tests.

UAE protests Iran's arming Yemen rebels with 'drones'.

German Chancellor Merkel presses Turkey's Erdogan to ensure freedom of the press.


Donald Trump slams 'dumb' refugee deal with Australia after 'worst' phone call. Australia-U.S. ties hit new low after reported acrimonious Trump call.

US defence chief Mattis says South Korea alliance is 'strong'.

North Korea warns South of 'catastrophic' consequences of U.S. drills.

North Korea rated "worst of the worst" for violations of rights, liberties.

Pakistan Army rejects Afghan terror charges.

Duterte: 'I will kill more if only to get rid of drugs'.

Thai military seeks political reconciliation ahead of national elections.

Missing Chinese billionaire targeted over stocks crash: report.


Uganda rules out military intervention in South Sudan.

Libya may allow EU ships to pursue people-smugglers in its waters.

Wounded Libya fighters flown to Russia as Haftar ties grow.

Nigeria says will make overdue payments to ex-militants in Niger Delta.

Nigerian police block protest called by music star.

Drought stokes battle for pastures in Kenya's northern regions.

Congo at crossroads as opposition chief Tshisekedi dies.

Deadly floods hit South Africa.


NATO calls on Russia to stop violence in Ukraine.

Putin visits Hungary, his 1st trip to the EU since the U.S. election.

Russia protests Ukrainian plane 'provocation' near oil rigs.

France widens Fillon probe to include his children.

Romania's president Iohannis petitions top court to strike down corruption law. Protests surge as Romania decriminalises corruption. Romanian minister resigns after anti-graft protests.

Shutting Libya-Italy migrant route 'within reach': EU's Tusk. Migration from Africa to Europe likely to rise in spring - EU sources.

European Parliament grants Georgia visa-free travel.

Program paying asylum applicants to leave Germany voluntarily begins.

Theresa May to host Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at No 10.


Trump says his travel ban needed to ensure U.S. religious freedom.

U.S. hopes to have border wall finished within two years: official.

Red, blue states split over Trump's 'sanctuary city' order.

GOP rebrands Obamacare strategy from ‘repeal’ to ‘repair’.

Delaware prison standoff over: Corrections employee dead, DOC says.

Colombian soldier killed by ELN ahead of peace talks.

Mexico's foreign minister to meet U.N. chief in New York.


Exclusive: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam - sources.

Qaeda kills Yemen police, targeted in US raid: reports.

US-led coalition admits another 11 civilian deaths.


Exclusive: Japan considers buying more U.S. energy as Abe prepares to meet Trump.

Oil prices jump as Trump administration puts Iran 'on notice'. US oil exports set to hit all-time high under Trump.

Deutsche Bank suffers renewed loss on legal costs.

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