Wednesday, February 22, 2017

World News Briefs -- February 22, 2017

BBC: Syria war: Arab-Kurdish fighters enter IS-held Deir al-Zour province

A US-backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab rebels has advanced into territory held by so-called Islamic State (IS) in Deir al-Zour province, eastern Syria.

Kurdish military sources said the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had captured some 15 villages from IS.

Unidentified air strikes killed 11 people in one IS-held village, though it was unclear if this was linked.

The SDF hopes to cut IS's supply lines from the oil-rich province to the group's stronghold Raqqa, in the north.

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Iraqi forces moving toward Mosul Airport after taking strategic hill.

Syrian army takes district near Aleppo: monitor, media unit.

Arab and Kurdish fighters close in on 'IS' Syria stronghold Raqqa. US-backed alliance enters Deir Az Zor province.

Syria's Geneva talks: 'Expectations pretty low'.

Lavrov: Russia waiting for US to provide ‘details’ on proposed safe zones in Syria.

Iran ready to give U.S. 'slap in the face': commander.

Second-in-command of Yemen's army killed by Houthi missile attack.

Benjamin Netanyahu took two-hour flight detour to avoid Indonesian airspace.


Malaysian police seeking diplomat in connection with Kim Jong-nam murder.

Kim Jong-nam's body targeted in morgue break-in, say police.

China's state tabloid warns South Korean company over THAAD.

Philippines to move forward with investigation of Duterte's ties to 'death squad'.

Australia may not take refugees in Costa Rica in U.S. deal.

‘Trump has a very big personality’: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reflects on heated phone call.

Uzbek journalist Muhammad Bekjanov freed after 18 years.

South Koreans to live longest among developed nations by 2030, researchers project.


Famine threatens lives of nearly half a million Nigerian children, says Unicef.

Boko Haram recruited 2,000 child soldiers in 2016: UNICEF.

US demands independent probe of alleged civilian massacre in DRC.

Mohamed Abdullahi inaugurated as new Somali president.

North African diplomats seek solution for chaotic Libya.

Growing support for Libya’s powerful army chief amid new peace drive.

Libya's eastern authority freezes women's travel ban.

Gambia dreaded former spy chief Yankuba Badjie arrested and held in custody.

Court rules that South Africa cannot withdraw from ICC.


Amnesty International reports warring sides in eastern Ukraine ‘enjoying impunity’.

Russia involved in attempted coup, Montenegro prosecutor says.

Azerbaijan's breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh holds 'illegal' referendum.

Sweden probes riot in mainly immigrant Stockholm suburb.

French police detain key Le Pen aides over EU 'fake jobs' probe.

Ukrainian billionaire faces extradition to U.S., Austrian court rules.

Bavaria approves ban on full-face veil.

Iceland's president forced to clarify views on pineapple pizza ban.


Trump administration expands social media checks to cover Chinese visitors.

Trump administration widens net for immigrant deportation.

Poll: Majority of Americans worried about war, feel favorably toward NATO.

Protests over Morales expose divisions among Bolivians.

Mexican kidnappers pile misery on to Central Americans fleeing violence.

Mexico to extradite cocaine cartel member 'El Gordo' to U.S..

Haitian prison rife with malnutrition and disease.


German intel agency notes dramatic increase in Islamic extremism.

British Isis suicide bomber 'was former Guantanamo Bay inmate paid £1m compensation'.

It's official: Our enemy is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.


WTO's new global trade deal comes into force.

Saudi Aramco recruits JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley for IPO, HSBC a contender: source.

Russia returns to gold market, buys tons more precious metal.

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