Sunday, February 26, 2017

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Celebrates 93rd Birthday With Supporters

The Guardian: He’s 93 and frail, but Mugabe pledges to carry on ruling

Marking his birthday with a 93kg cake and a rally with loyal fans, the president is in no hurry to quit despite the chaos of his rule.

There were dancers, musicians, singers and flag-waving students – and, astonishingly, a break in the belts of rain that had been sweeping in across the sodden plains from the Matopo hills for days.

On the podium raised above a muddy school sports field in south-west Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe stepped up to the microphone. Wearing a white shirt, black tie, black cowboy hat and a jacket covered in his own portrait, Mugabe, in power since 1980, stood to thank his supporters for joining him to celebrate last week’s 93rd birthday which was, he said, “yet another chapter in my life”.

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