Saturday, March 18, 2017

After Six Years Of War Has The Syrian Revolution Been Worth it?

Destroyed buildings in Homs. About half of Syria’s prewar population has fled, the United Nations says, and nearly four million people are refugees abroad. Credit Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

Bethan McKernan, The Independent: After six years of war, Syria’s rebels reflect on whether revolution has been worth it

‘I have too much and too little to say. I was on the side of freedom in 2011, and I am on the side of freedom now… But how many more will have to die?’

Almost half a million dead. More than 10.9 million forced to flee their homes, many into the arms of traffickers or graves at the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Cities starved into submission by government sieges, tens of thousands disappeared in regime prisons, and the rampant growth of extremist ideology intent on sucking the little life and joy left out of Syria.

An entire generation of children who don’t flinch at explosions or artillery fire in the distance.

Such is the state of the Syrian revolution, six years on since the hopes of the Arab Spring.

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WNU Editor: The answer is a big NO!

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