Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: House Intel Chairman Believes Trump Transition Members Were Under Surveillance During The Obama Administration. President-Elect Trump's Personal Communications May Have Been Collected

CNN: House Intel chairman: Trump's personal communications may have been collected

(CNN)House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's personal communications may have been picked up by investigators through "incidental collection."

Nunes said at a news conference he discovered the potential surveillance of Trump himself while reviewing intelligence reports, but said it was not related to Russia.

"This is a normal, incidental collection, based on what I could collect," Nunes said. "This appears to be all legally collected foreign intelligence under" the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Nunes said he alerted House Speaker Paul Ryan about the collection and is traveling to the White House Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm actually alarmed by it," Nunes said.

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WNU Editor: Oh Oh. President Trump said this happened to him in a Tweet two weeks ago .... and has paid for it from constant negative media coverage since. Apparently House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes found this intel and information by himself reviewing past reports, and is now going to the White House to brief the President on this story. So much for all the denials from the FBI and NSA Director on Monday. I could be wrong .... but if this is true .... the media is going to have a lot of egg on its face, officials from the former Obama administration are going to be faced with some embarrassing questions, and the big question .... who ordered and directed all of this surveillance (while unmasking President-elect Trump) will need to be answered. This is a big story.

Update: Today's White House press conference is a sight to see. The media are just beyond themselves that there appears to be evidence that President Trump was under surveillance, and that what was obtained was given to the press via through the leaks. (Go here for the White House news conference).

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James said...

If it was a legal operation it had to have a FISA warrant, which has been denied by many to exist. It also had to have someone to order this operation. Who ordered this and who knew about it and or signed off on it?

Jay Farquharson said...


When you call, fax, instagram, e-mail or tweet somebody under Alphabet Agency surveillance, your side of the contact conversation is recorded as well.


Still, doesn't mean that you've been "wire tapp" -ed by Obama.

Mean while, looks like Manifort took a Russian contract to undermine democracy,

War News Updates Editor said...

No Jay. This is a big story, and it is sight to see the media changing their narrative this afternoon.

The Manifort story is also big. I was going to post on it this afternoon, but bigger stories have taken over and I must go out right now to take care of some personal business. I will be posting late tonight or early tomorrow on that story. The problem with the Manifort case is that a good deal of this information comes from the Ukraine government or its allies .... and I have learned not to trust them. But considering who Manifort is.... and Eli Lake has a good summary here .... .... I suspect that with all the other Trump stories now dying, this will be the next one .... and my gut is telling me that there is more "meat" on this one.

Andrew Jackson said...

Fake news.

Jay Farquharson said...

He then said that the potential surveillance was not related to Russia, that it wasn’t clear that it was collected at Trump Tower and that he was “alarmed by it.”

He further stated that he had advised House Speaker Paul Ryan of his findings and that he was traveling to the White House this afternoon to share with them information that had been provided to him by the FBI in a classified setting for the purposes of advancing a congressional investigation into potential crimes committed by the people he will be meeting in the White House.

Nunes also revealed that “he discovered the potential surveillance of Trump himself while reviewing intelligence reports,” but he did not divulge that he kept his discovery from the Democrats on the committee who “appeared blindsided by Nunes’ announcement.”

[Democrat] Rep. Jim Himes [of Connecticut] said he spoke with ranking Democratic member Adam Schiff, and that neither of them are familiar with the evidence Nunes is citing.

To be clear, “Nunes said the collection included Trump transition officials and that it happened after the election. He said he could not say whether it meant that Trump was “spied on.””

“I’m not going to get into legal definitions.” he said.

When Nunes arrives at the White House and begins sharing information about which Transition officials were captured on “incidental surveillance,” he will be committing what appears to be an obvious crime.

He claims that the surveillance is unrelated to Russia, and that may be his only criminal defense. He better hope that it will stand up in court. His press conference performance was a dishonest attempt to suggest that perhaps Trump wasn’t completely wrong when he said that Trump Tower was wiretapped at the behest of President Obama. He couldn’t assert either of those things but he made it seem like he had evidence pointing in that direction.

And his failure to share this information with the Democrats or notify them that he would be holding the press conference shows just how disingenuous his “alarm” really is.

But it’s his intent to share classified investigatory information with the subjects of a counterintelligence (and potentially criminal) probe that constitutes a crime.

He must not be very bright.

And he’s just destroyed his own committee’s investigation."

fred lapides said...

Just in passing: you do know, I hope, how Nunes is connected to the Trump presidency?

fred lapides said...

ah, forgot to mention:
Nunes on the Trump transition team. The Nunes story, where he will not name sources is rather simple and is explained thusly

Have you viewed Ipe Decking website said...

Trump: A rolling stone that gathers no dust. He is like that obnoxious friend you're fond of but uncomfortable with.

Jay Farquharson said...

Was Nunes one of the Trump Team caught in the survelliance of the Russian's?

It would be unreasonable not to speculate!

Nunes is part owner of a winery with Putin's BFF Gigak Tsaryukan.

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A and CIA says THEY will comply with requests for info in this why won't FBI do the same.