Saturday, March 18, 2017

Britain Deploys Troops And Tanks To Estonia To 'Deter' Russia

Daily Mail: Hundreds of British troops, tanks and heavy armour are sent to Russia’s border in the biggest show of force against Moscow since the Cold War

* A group of 120 soldiers arrived in Estonia, and 300 vehicles will arrive next week
* The eastern European country, who thinks Russia is a threat, asked for the help
* Sir Michael Fallon said the soldiers are 'standing up to Russian aggression'

Hundreds of British troops and tanks are on their way to an EU border with Russia in the biggest show of force against Moscow since the Cold War.

An advance guard of some 120 troops touched down last night at an air base in Estonia, a country which borders Russia and sees Moscow as a threat to the West.

Three hundred vehicles will arrive by next week, including Warrior infantry fighting vehicles, Challenger 2 tanks and AS90 artillery weapons.

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WNU Editor: A deployment of a thousand troops and a few tanks to Estonia is not going to change one bit the situation in the Baltics or elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Won't change anything strategically, but it makes a statement. There's more than just this little country on the other side of the Border.

jimbrown said...

Furthermore, they will be armed with the Top Secret killer joke translated into Russian.

Unknown said...

The statement to me is this, we (Britain) have a pathetically small army that will make zero difference apart from annoying the Bear. If Russia was really such an aggressive threat why are armies across Europe cut to the bone? Does not add up. This Russian aggressor narrative has been going since 2008 or definitely since 2014, why no military build up? If a country feels threatened it arms itself.

In my honest opinion, Russia has been defending herself and her interests. That is different from outright hostility in an offensive way. In fact, I think Russia would just like to trade and do business peacefully, but the West has a different agenda.

Aizino Smith said...

"Furthermore, they will be armed with the Top Secret killer joke translated into Russian. "

So long as Hillary's people do not do the translation the British troops have a change at success.


Aizino Smith said...

Speed bumps that trigger nuclear war can be as effective as whole corps.

fazman said...


Stephen Davenport said...

It is a show of force to their allies, is all. Nothing more and nothing less, good for them.

Stephen Davenport said...

Aizano, if a nuclear war did not occur during the Cold War, its is most ASSURDLY not going to happen now. Its just some jawing back and forth. Nobody including Putin is that insane.

Aizino Smith said...

Those nations have been 'traded' laying playing cards in the last 80 years.

Poland has been traded 4 times in the last 400 years.

There were 3 partitions of Poland and the German/Russian pact.