Thursday, March 23, 2017

China Warns Australia That Siding With The U.S. May Lead To A 'New Cold War'

The Guardian: Chinese premier warns Australia 'taking sides' could lead to new cold war

Li Keqiang says Beijing pursues foreign policy of peace and seeks ‘development paths suited to our traditions’.

The Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, has warned China does not want to see a new cold war, emphasising that throughout his country’s history, peace has “always been the most precious thing”.

With increasing tensions in the South China Sea a significant backdrop to his visit to Australia, Li told parliamentarians in Canberra on Thursday that China did not want to see countries “taking sides, as happened during the cold war”.

Li used a lunchtime address to say Beijing pursued an independent foreign policy of peace, and pursued “national development paths suited to our traditions”.

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Update #1: Stay out of China’s quarrels with US, Li Keqiang warns Australia (The Australian)
Update #2: Australia Shouldn't Pick Between U.S. and China, Premier Li Says (Bloomberg)

WNU Editor: The Chinese premier comes with a big stick .... namely .... Australia does $150 billion in trade with China.

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